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Grades based on PFWR pre-draft rankings as compared to the Rich Hill Draft Value Trade Chart. For example, Keon Coleman was the PFWR rated 43rd on our Big Board. The 43rd pick on the Rich Hill Chart is worth 138 points. He was taken with the 33rd pick, which is worth 180 points on the Hill chart. The haul points awarded the Bills for Keon Coleman is 138 points. The Value of the pick is 138-180=-42. 

Haul Score: Points were assigned for every draft pick taken by each team using the points associated with the pre-draft ranking

Impact Score: I then looked at the potential impact value of the picks. The PFWR grade for every pick selected that was ranked in the top hundred was added to create the impact score. The Bills drafted 3 top 100 players on the pre-draft rankings, Keon Coleman-Grade: 9.21 Cole Bishop- Grade 9.18 and Sedrick Van Pran-Granger - Grade 9.05. Adding those grades up equals an Impact Score of 27.44

Value Points: Total Haul Points minus the Draft Capital Value. Note, while every pick was included in the haul score, only the top 200 pick values were used to generate the draft capital score, so teams would not be penalized for taking a late round flier. 

Finally, each team was ranked from 32-1 in each of the three categories, with 32 being the top score. Those rank scores were added and a grade assigned based on total of all rankings.



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