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10/8/18 Draft Thoughts

Mike Watkins




-I’ve been leading this train since last year though more and more people are coming around, Will Grier is a first round QB. He does a lot of the things I like a QB to do. Great ball placement, throws WR’s open, and has an easy motion. He has some trouble with accuracy on the deep routes but I think that will steadily improve


-I go back and forth on Danny Tranquill LB from Notre Dame and how he translates to Sundays. The fact that he’s good in coverage is going to make him appealing as more and more LB’s with that Safety background are getting drafted higher and higher. I question his instincts sometimes. I have him as an early day 3 right now


-DE Zach Allen from Boston College is a prospect most have in the top 25. He impacts the game in a lot of ways and his physical size will make him scheme versatile. One thing I like about him is he makes an effort to always get his hands up if he is going to come up short on his pass rush. That said, I see a jack of all trades master of none. He reminds me of Shaq Lawson. I have a mid 2nd on him


-Stated over the weekend that K.Boyd, CB, from Texas is one of the best zone CB’s in college and I don’t see that changing. He’s a player that really needs to be drafted into the right system. He can play a heavy man scheme but it would not be his ideal fit. I also wouldn’t be surprised if some teams viewed him as a FS


-If you are looking to add a Chris Jones type player to your defense Renell Wren from Arizona State is your guy. He is lightning quick off the ball and lives to eat up Centers. He can disappear at times and definitely needs work on his technique but there is a lot to work with there. He’ll make noise at the combine


-I’ve checked out on Jarrett Stidham being a first round QB. He’s not and honestly I would rate him as a late day 2 prospect or a team could just save themselves the trouble and go sign Paxton Lynch because that is basically what you would be getting


-So K’Neal Harry of Arizona State burst onto the scene early in the season. A lot of people took notice and as often happens started way overrating him. I even saw a couple places that had him as a top 5 pick. He’s not that guy. What he is, is a mid first rounder with some good potential on a team looking to add size and contested catch ability to their WR core. His 40 will be a very important number along with his showing in the agility drills


-C.Wilkins has somehow gotten lost on the Clemson DL. I still view him as the best player on that front 4 and the most likely to succeed on Sunday. He has an incredible football IQ to go along with experience at the 0 tech all the way out to the 7 tech. that is rare for any DL. He lands in a 1 gap system and he is going to continue his wrecking ball ways with his go to rip and dip move


-I made it a point to watch Jachai Polite of Florida this weekend and while he leads something to be desired in the run, more of an effort player there at this point, he is a dynamic pass rusher. He launches off the ball every play. That sometimes can get him into trouble but with his bend and athletic skills he recovers so fast you barely notice if he’s out of position


-IOL Hjalte Frohodlt from Arkansas gets a lot of praise from the analytic crowd but I really don’t see what they are seeing. He has very good feet and does a good job at the second level. I don’t see a mean streak to him which is odd considering he started his football career on defense. I think he needs a lot of work at the POA and run blocking. If you are a team that likes to do a lot of pulls and screens then you’ll likely be higher on him. If you want a mauler who is going to open up wide lanes or hammer opening pass rushers you’ll be lower on him


-Damien Harris from Alabama is pretty much a Thomas Jones clone, and that is by no means a knock. 3 Down RB from the jump


-One player who keeps popping off the screen during Arkansas games is LB Dre Greenlaw. He is the definition of see ball get ball. He is not going to be every teams cup of tea at LB given his size but for teams that love their LB’s to drop into zone and flow to the ball he is going to get a lot of love


-WR Tyre Brady from Marshall is going to make a GM look very smart. This kid just makes plays. He has great hands and runs great routes. When you watch Marshall play he is clearly their best player and is often the best player on the field for either tea. Very big fan of his


-Elon OL Olisaemeka Udoh is a player to watch if you are looking for OL to develop into starters down the road. He’s an OT now but I would imagine his future is at OG given that he likely doesn’t have the feet to stay out on the island on Sundays. He’s a 4 year starter and will be a project. I really like his measurable though, especially his long arms. Which if he can Improve his hand tech will be extremely valuable


-A lot of people seem to think West Virginia OT Yodny Cajuste is destined for the OG position. I am not one of them. I think he projects far better on the outside. I think his length and feet will be an asset on Sundays while he continues to add strength. I liken him a lot to Duane Brown


-Next time you watch an Ole Miss game watch the TE number 9 Dawson Knox. You are going to start to notice that he is routinely open yet they never get him the ball due to what they have at WR. His stats do not tell the whole story of the talent I think he has. He’s going to be a great find for a team on day 3 if he declares

10/2/18 Draft Thoughts

Mike Watkins





-Week after week Greedy Williams of LSU keeps stepping up to the plate. Ole Miss has a pretty good trio of WR’s and Williams met the challenge and showed why he was easily the best player on the field. He’s definitely locked into the top 10 barring injury and possibly the top 5 depending on what teams are slotted there


-Dexter Williams, RB, Notre Dame decided to jump onto the scene in the primetime game against Stanford. He missed the first few weeks of the season due to undisclosed reasons. His fresh legs showed up big time in what has now become a very good Notre Dame offense. He’s the type of running back I prefer. Compact with good agility and balance to go along with a one cut and go mentality


-Noah Fant is the clear cut TE1 at the moment, but if there is one TE that could challenge him its Kaden Smith from Stanford. While he didn’t have his best game against Notre Dame he is a well rounded TE in the mold of a Jason Witten.


-Tweeners are always going to have a tough go of it when its time to play on Sundays unless they are off the charts athletic. Malik Reed from Nevada is not that but he is still very much a draftable player. He moved from the DL to the OLB spot in a 3-4 which has actually helped him be more impactful. It also exposes him to the style of defense that he’ll be the best fit for on Sundays. I have him as a day 3 player right now that will immediately play on special teams and then likely grab some playing time in obvious passing situation


-Ka’Dar Hollman, CB from Toledo is a player I like more and more. He is physical at the LOS and fights every play. He’s an early day 3 player for me right now. I imagine teams that run zone heavy schemes and ask their CB’s to be active in run support will be high on him.


-I said it on Saturday and I’ll keep saying it, I don’t think Nick Bosa plays another snap at Ohio State and he shouldn’t. He is a top 5 draft pick out the door right now and nothing will change that except a major injury.


-I tend to be higher on WR’s that have excellent football IQ’s and who run excellent routes. Van Jefferson from Florida meets both of those qualifications. I have him as a late day 2 guy and a plug and play WR in the slot


-He’s coming off a pretty Significant injury but I do Like Tennessee LB Darrin Kirkland Jr. Good against the run and strong at the POA. He’s 40 will be very important  


-The more I watch Montez Sweat from Mississippi State the more I like him. He plays mostly the 7 tech but they move him around everywhere and he never stops moving until the echo of the whistle. He needs some tech refinement and could add some more power to his game but there is a lot to like about him


-Another DL player to keep an eye on is Michael Dogbe from Temple. He’s an ideal fit for a 3-4 DE or for 4-3 teams who like to have bigger DE’s. Very high motor kid go


-Te’von Coney from Notre Dame keeps getting more and more attention, as he should. He keeps answering the bell game in and game out. He reminds me of a taller version of London Fletcher

3 and 3

Mike Watkins





1.DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia: When the season started I didn’t think anyone was capable of catching Greedy Williams from LSU as the top CB. Baker is closing that gap with week after week of outstanding play. Baker keeps impressing with a very well rounded skill set and a knack for playing big when the lights go bright


2.Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame: Tillery is the rock on which Notre Dame’s good defense sits. Tillery has been as about as consistent as they come over his career with the Fighting Irish. He has a high football IQ and whether he is asked to control the LOS in the run game or penetrate for a pass rush he follows through. He is also scheme versatile which will make him an attractive target in April. I’ve often compared him to former Jaguars and Bills standout DT Marcus Stroud and I won’t be coming off that comp anytime soon


3.Noah Fant, TE, Iowa: When it comes to the 2019 Draft and the TE position its Noah Fant and then everyone else. In fact I think he is going to be the best TE to come out and either this year’s draft or last years. He can impact the game in all areas and shows a skill set NFL teams will want. Fant pulls away from the pack week after week



3 Thoughts


-I would rank the current QB class as above average. It has a top 5 prospect in Herbert and then likely 3 others who will land in the first round. You will not see 4 go in the top 10 as we did in 2018 but I expect teams to jockey for the QB of their liking in the first round. I think Herbert will be the first player off the board in 2019. If a team is sitting there that doesn’t need a QB I would expect them to move out via a trade


-Any FA DL out there would be wise to sign very fast this offseason. I imagine the money will dry up quick in that area given this is likely the deepest DL draft that I can recall over the past 10 years. Its especially deep in the interior and that’s even if a few prospects do not declare. Even for teams that don’t want to spend a pick on a DL in the first couple rounds it will still help you as the amount of DL going will help push other positions down


-The Safety class is an interesting one a month in. There is no J.Adams or D.James but there is solid talent there. There should be a lot of jockeying for position over the next two months and leading up to the draft.

September Top 5's

Mike Watkins





1. Justin Herbert, Oregon

2. Will Grier, West Virginia

3. Jarrett Stidham, Auburn

4. Clayton Thorson, Northwestern

5. Drew Lock, Missouri


Day 2/3 Prospect I Like: Brett Rypien, Boise State




1. Bryce Love, Stanford

2. Bennie Snell, Kentucky

3. L.J. Scott, Michigan State

4. Rodney Anderson, Oklahoma

5. Damien Harris, Alabama


Day 2/3 Prospect I Like: David Montgomery, Iowa State



1. K’Neal Harry, Arizona State

2. A.J. Brown, Ole Miss

3. Anthony Johnson, Buffalo

4. Deebo Samuel, South Carolina

5. Emmanuel Hall, Missouri


Day 2/3 Prospect I Like: Jon’Vea Johnson, Toledo



1. Noah Fant, Iowa

2. Kaden Smith, Stanford

3. Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri

4. C.J. Conrad, Kentucky

5. Logan Parker, Southern Utah


Day 2/3 Prospect I Like: Charles Jones, Tulane



1. Jonah Williams, Alabama

2. David Edwards, Wisconsin

3. Dalton Risner, Kansas State

4. Greg Little, Ole Miss

5. A.Dillard, Washington State

*Trey Adams, Washington(Left off for now until the back injury shakes out)


Day 2/3 Prospect I Like: Max Scharping, Northern Illinois




1. Chris Lindstrom, Boston College

2. Michael Jordan, Ohio State

3. Michael Deiter, Wisconsin

4. Darryl Williams, Mississippi State

5. Erik McCoy, Texas A&M


Day 2/3 Prospect I Like: Ben Powers, Oklahoma



1. Ed Oliver, Houston

2. Jeffrey Simmons, Mississippi State

3. Derrick Brown, Auburn

4. Raekwon Davis, Alabama

5. Rashan Gary, Michigan


Day 2/3 Prospect I Like: Daylon Mack, Texas A&M



1. Nick Bosa, Ohio State

2. Clein Ferrell, Clemson

3. Joe Jackson, Miami

4. Montez Sweet, Ole Miss

5. Zach Allen, Boston College


Day 2/3 Prospect I Like: Jaylon Ferguson, Louisiana Tech



1. Devin White, LSU

2. T.J. Edwards, Wisconsin

3. Te’von Coney, Notre Dame

4. Anfernee Jennings, Alabama

5. Josh Allen, Kentucky


Day 2/3 Prospect I Like: Ulysees Gilbert, Akron




1. Greedy Williams, LSU

2. Deandre Baker, Georgia

3. Blessuan Austin, Rutgers

4. Amani Oruwariye, Penn State

5. Kendall Sheffield, Ohio State


Day 2/3 Prospect I Like: Corey Ballentine, Washburn




1. Johnathan Abram, Mississippi State

2. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Florida

3. Lukas Denis, Boston College

4. Taylor Rapp, Washington

5. Marvell Tell, USC


Day 2/3 Prospect I Like: Chris Johnson, North Alabama


Early Look Preseason Top 5: DT

Mike Watkins






1.Ed Oliver, Houston

2.Christian Wilkins, Clemson

3.Rashan Gary, Michigan

4.Raekwon Davis, Alabama

5.Jeffrey Simmons, Mississippi State



-In a word, Loaded. Going into the season have 1st to fringe 1st round grades on 9 DT’s that will or might be in the 2019 draft class. That is an insane amount of talent for any positions let alone the DT position


-The Clear cut top player is Ed Oliver out of Houston. He would have been a top 5 pick this year and he will not get out of the top 5 this year. He is has a rare skill set for a DT and in a lot of ways reminds people of W.Sapp and A.Donald. As far as DT’s go those are the past and current pinnacles that every DT wants to be compared too

-Some people have Soured on Wilkins, I have not. He is still a first round talent and the player I would compare him to is Kyle Williams. Very good against the pass and the run. He can be a rock and a leader in the middle of your defense for a decade

-Simmons is more of a projection at this point. Athletically he is very gifted. Of the top 5 though I would not be surprised if he bailed on the 2019 draft. Doing so would allow him to be the top player at the position for 2020. That said I still think he’s a top 25 pick this year

-A player who could rise that is not currently in the top 5 is J.Tillary from Notre Dame. A very well rounded DT who makes a lot of impact even if it doesn’t show up on the stat sheet. He is a Marcus Stroud clone

Early Look Preseason Top 5: QB

Mike Watkins





1.Justin Herbert, Oregon

2.Will Grier, West Virginia

3.Clayton Thorson, Northwestern

4.Ryan Finley, N.C. State

5.Drew Lock, Missouri


-There will definitely be a lot of jockeying for position throughout the year. Much like this year’s class each player has their flaws and there is not a clear cut number one among them as of today. That said this is not going to be a down year for QB’s. That narrative has been false for a while now and there is a lot more talent in the class then it has been given credit for

-Drew Lock is the favorite for a lot of people right now but I’m not as sold on him as others. I think he needs a lot of work on his anticipation.

-Herbert flew under the radar for a lot of the year being on the West Coast and Oregon building back up their program. I liked a lot of what I saw though and of the top 5 if he puts it together and keeps progressing I think he’ll be the first one off the board. If I’m a betting man right now I would bet that Herbert is the top overall selection in the 2019 draft

-One player not listed that people should keep an eye on is S.Patterson from Michigan. The Ole Miss transfer has a lot of the traits you look for and Harbaugh has a decent track record of getting the most out of his QB’s. He could make a giant leap up boards

-Yes I know I have Will Grier higher than most, I’m not backing off it, I think he’s a gamer and Baker Mayfield’ish

5 and A Final: Post Minicamp

Mike Watkins






1.The QB Competition: The Bills are doing the right thing with Josh Allen in that they are starting with the base principles of the mechanics of being a QB and building up from there. Most teams likely wouldn’t do that. That plan though is going to take time. The Bills get lucky with the schedule as far as QB development goes. With 5 of the first 7 games on the road I would much rather have McCarron/Peterman navigate that then a young Josh Allen. Then if they decide to make a shift say at the halfway point you have the advantage of a young QB playing home games in 5 of the last 8. This plan however needs to get scrapped if Josh Allen clearly wins the job in camp. I don’t think there is any right way or wrong way to bring a rookie QB into the NFL. It’s a case by case basis. You let the player tell you through his play. If he is clearly the best of the 3 and his teammates see it, you are doing him and the team an injustice by not starting him



2.DL: The Bills, ever since the Mario Williams signing, have made the DL an area where the team can hang its hat on. It had some down years here and there but I would expect a resurgence this year. While a lot of the national media is paying attention to the offense and its issues the Bills put together a deep talented DL with players that fit together. They have also set up a situation where they can come at opposing teams in waves. The most striking difference should be in the middle of the DL. At the minimum they have acquired players that will occupy opposing IOL and allow the edge DL and LB’s to make plays. Not allowing QB’s to step up into the pocket is big against Tom Brady but any elite QB. This season will likely be largely determined by the performance of this specific unit while the Bills sort out the QB situation



3.The OL: This is likely to be an issue especially early. Dawkins looks like he’s a rock at LT but the other 4 spots are going to be questions marks across the board. The Bills will have to hope that at least two of their young players step up to the plate and take advantage of the opportunity. Ideally the OL combination I’m rooting for is from left to right Dawkins, Teller, Groy, Miller, McDermott



4.The Secondary: Expect the secondary to be good again and actually be better. Losing EJ Gaines hurts a little bit but the Bills have assembled a more complete group this year. V.Davis gives the Bills a good CB to start on the other side of White as well as a better option to match up against bigger more physical WR’s. P.Gaines much like EJ Gaines last year finds himself in a defense that is a far better fit for his skill set then his previous defense. Johnson and Borders will provide solid depth and I expect a good camp battle between R.Carter and L.Wallace to round out the group



5.WR questions: So the Bills have a WR group that many label the worst in the NFL. I’d say that is a bit of a stretch but I can see why most are concerned about the group. I’m not as worried as many. The biggest issue I see with the group is the same issue I had last year, there is no legit vertical threat on the current roster. I think the Bills will be keeping their eyes open waiting for some type of burner to come across the waiver wire or maybe look for an in Training Camp trade. Looking on the roster they do have Benjamin and while he is not a true number one in the mold of AJ Green or Julio Jones he is arguable just a notch below them and opposing defenses have to account for him. Kerley is a legitimate slot WR and I think will be one of the better FA additions this year. Then the Bills have Zay Jones. He had an up and down year last year but the skill set is there to be a number 2 WR. This is where you have to trust your coaching to be able to get that out of him. There has to be some development process in Buffalo or it will be near impossible to get any type of roster consistency.



A Final: A lot of times teams play a lot of lip service to their first round picks during these spring camps. “Everyone is making progress”, “He’s farther along than we thought”, and “He’s making an impression”. Every once and awhile though you get a player where the coaches and more importantly the vets on the team dig a little deeper with the praise and it doesn’t seem like encouraging lip service. I sensed that with Tre White last year and I am again seeing it with T.Edmunds this year. I think Bills fans, if they were not excited already, should start to get excited about the potential Edmunds has in this defense. It’s been a bit of a revolving door in the Bills LB corps for a while now trying to unearth a sideline to sideline playmaking LB. They may have finally have found their guy in Edmunds



Josh Allen at the 2018 NFLPA Rookie Premier

Josh Allen is one of 8 QB's and the only Bills rookie to be invited to participate in the NFLPA Rookie Premier this week.

photo by

Buffalo Bills 2018 Draft Review

Anthony D. Macari

The Bills completed what will for good or bad likely be a franchise defining draft. They opened up with one anticipated bold move to trade up for the man they believe can be their franchise QB and then followed that up with another, surprise move up to land a 19 year old Linebacker to Quarterback the defense. They also added a Kyle Williams look alike to man the middle of the D-Line, a pair for the secondary, a much needed road grading guard and a pair of slot receiving, undersized but explosive prospects who have experience as returners.
While they did well to find talent at positions of need through the 7 rounds and 8 picks, this draft will likely forever be defined by the career of one Josh Allen.

The opinions on Allen in the pre-draft process were strong among the Bills Mafia on Twitter and on the local radio stations. Most fans are extremely skeptical a sub 60% college QB can improve at the NFL level. While I agree Allen breaks most of the golden rules for drafting a college QB, I spent the majority of my time on Twitter these past couple of months defending the possibility of the Bills drafting him. I did believe at the end of the day he would indeed be the pick because of his near perfect measurables despite the underwhelming production. One of the best arguments for Allen was his character and commitment to the game, but the reveal of several embarrassing insensitive twitter posts from high school when he was 15 brought even that into question. Indeed the twitter posts became a focus of all interviews with him and caused the Bills to conduct a 35 minute phone call with him to have him address the troublesome adolescent posts.

At the end of the day, the posts won't matter and the initial Bills Mafia criticism won't matter if he comes anywhere near fulfilling his incredible potential. He has a quiet determination, the intelligence and inner drive that I believe greatly improve the long odds to make the jump he needs to make. He also displayed a natural leadership that earned the love of his teammates and coaches every step he made along the path and that also will greatly aid him. This is no doubt a go big or go home selection by a Bills front office that has confidence in its ability to not only identify rare athletes, but to train them to dominate on Sundays. While Allen likely sits and learns for a season, Edmunds could compete for defensive rookie of the year honors, even though at 19, he is still also quite raw.

Watching the tape on all of these prospects, you see some common themes, athleticism, versatility, leadership and they all play the game with next level passion. This is an exciting time for the Bills as McDermott, Beane and the Pegulas have laid the foundation for the direction of this team for the next decade. Hopefully these high risk/ high reward selections will return the Bills to a level not seen since the Super Bowl run. If they do become a dominant force that competes year after year, this will be the draft to look to as where it all began.
1.7 (7) Buffalo Bills (Trade via Buccaneers)
2017 record: 9-7
Top needs: QB, ILB, O-Line

Josh Allen    QB    6047, 237    Wyoming
PFWR Big Board Rating - 4

The Bills make the much anticipated move up to go get their QB. Allen is the most physically gifted QB prospects I have ever evaluated with a howitzer for an arm, size, athleticism and high IQ. He is also one of the most maligned QB's I have ever seen. Most Bills fans abhor this pick because of his low completion percentage and inconsistent tape. While Allen has much to improve and being picked this high is more a product of his potential than his production, which normally is a losing formula, he has the kind of leadership and competitiveness that indicates he will work relentlessly to fulfill his near limitless potential.

While fans will need to be patient because he will need to redshirt a year and will have some growing pains when he finally does hit the field, he very well could reach pro-bowl/ MVP level production given proper training that will improve his footwork, vision and timing.

The reason to believe he can improve comes from seeing him make plays no other QB in this class or many in any class are capable of making. He has the ability to execute within the framework of the pocket using his 6'5 frame and rocket quick release to thread the needle down field and the ability to shrug off pressure, bounce outside and throw a dart downfield while off balance or on the run. He was particularly effective inside the redzone.

The drama of the pick was increased by the draft eve outing of several insensitive tweets made/retweeted by Allen from when he was in High School. The Bills ended up speaking to an emotional Allen for 30 minutes by phone draft day and were satisfied with his response.

While I understand the fans angst when they see a QB with a sub 60% completion rate with clips showing Allen sailing passes over the head of a receiver on a short pass but the fact he was in a system that was not at all QB friendly, surrounded by questionable talent but still managed to lift the program to its first back to back bowl seasons since the 80's speaks to his leadership ability. Wyoming's scoring doubled in his first season as starter and he found the endzone at a prolific rate both on the ground and in the air. His personal numbers did slip in 2017 when several seniors moved on to the NFL including their starting RB Brian Hill and #1 WR  Tanner Gentry. While Allen now is the prototypical size with one of the strongest arms ever to enter the draft, he was offered no scholarships coming out of college because he was a late bloomer coming from a small town school. The fact Allen has had to fight his way for recognition every step has given him that burning competitive edge needed to succeed at the next level. Allen breaks a lot of the conventional rules for drafting a QB, but he is th ekind of rare talent and rare person that I believe is worth the risk.

Trade details: Buccaneers receive Picks 12, 53 & 56  / Bills receive Pick 7, 255
1.16 (16) Buffalo Bills (Trade via Eagles)
2017 record: 9-7
Top needs: QB, ILB, O-Line

Tremaine Edmunds   LB       6044, 253          Virginia Tech
 PFWR Big Board Rating - 9

The Bills were not content with trading up for their franchise QB, they also aggressively moved up from 22 to get a QB for the middle of their Defense.

Anyone who watched McDermott's defenses in Carolina understood instantly the athletic Luke Kuechly at LB is the key. The Bills simply did not have any LB on the roster that comes close to being able to fill that role. That is why the Bills went after the 19 year old Edmunds.

Edmunds is a freakish athlete that is only scratching the surface of his potential. Long, quick and productive with the frame to get even bigger. He has true sideline to sideline ability and chases down ball carriers like a cheetah chasing its prey. 

3.32(96) Buffalo Bills (Trade via Ravens)
2017 record: 9-7
Top needs: QB, ILB, O-Line

Harrison Phillips   DT       6030, 307  Stanford

PFWR Big Board Rating - 27

The obvious comparison is Kyle Williams. If you saw both in uniform, it would be easy to confuse the two but they do bring different abilities to the game. They both are vocal leaders in the locker-room as team captains and both play with a relentless style that can blow up an offensive game-plan from the inside. However, while both combine their impressive size, strength quickness to wreak havoc, Kyle's greatest ability is his explosiveness and Harrison relies on his incredible brute strength at the point of attack.

Harrison's take no prisoner personality and relentless playing style make him a great fit for the #BillsMafia where he is sure to quickly become a fan favorite. Even though he was pick 96, he was one of the easier prospects to project to the Bills pre-draft.

Phillips will need to improve his hand technique and develop more variety in his pass rush technique because at the next level, while his incredible strength (Led the combine with 42 reps on the bench) won't be enough to collapse the pocket. He projects more as a run stuffing zero or 1 tech like he did at Stanford in alone in the middle in their 3-4. He will likely start out by splitting time with Star Lotulelei next to Williams rather than relieving Kyle. However, he will benefit greatly being around both this year to further develop and refine his pass rush game so he can man either interior position.

4.21(121) Buffalo Bills
2017 record: 9-7
Top needs: QB, ILB, O-Line

Taron Johnson   CB       5110, 192  Weber St

"Johnson's lack of size will drive him into a nickel role where he appears to have the foot quickness and cover talent to handle the job. He has to prove that he can play with confidence in his technique rather than grabbing during the route and his draft stock could be hinging on his 40-yard dash time at the Combine. He could find an early role as a CB4 before eventually filling the nickel spot." Lance Zeirlein 

5.17(154) Buffalo Bills
2017 record: 9-7
Top needs: QB, ILB, O-Line

Siran Neal   S       6000, 206  Jacksonville State

 Intriguing prospect with good size and physicality who is just learning to play corner-back. Neal has limitations in coverage but may factor as a bump and run specialist. Neal lacks the ball production and instincts of a high safety, but he has the toughness to play near the line of scrimmage and the cover talent to match up against tight ends. Neal's position fit could depend on scheme as well as how he ends up running. He has NFL traits and could become a productive backup or eventual starter...Lance Zeirlein
5.29(166) Buffalo Bills
2017 record: 9-7
Top needs: QB, ILB, O-Line

Wyatt Teller OG 6050 314, Virginia Tech

Teller is a road grading junk yard dog attitude. A little stiff but does a good job finding a target on pulls and traps or getting to the second level. Is a finisher who does better moving forward than backwards but still pitched a shutout last year according to pro football focus in pass protect last season with 464 pass blocks without giving up a sack. Could compete for starting job day 1.
Round 6 • Pick 13 (187)
Ray-Ray McCloud 5100 190 Clemson

Ray Ray is a quick twitch versatile receiver/ returner who was a high school running back. More quick than fast but can make guys miss at get separation with lateral movement and balance. Will need to make the roster on special teams but could earn a spot as a depth slot receiver. Went 50 receptions without a drop.
Round 7 ‧ Pick 37

Austin Proehl 5100 175 North Carolina

Son of Ricky Proehl, Austin is undersized and lacks elite speed but is a tenacious worker who gets open and makes plays. He will fight for a roster spot as a slot receiver or returner.

2018 Mock Draft

Mike Watkins




1.Browns: S.Darnold, QB, USC: Flirted with J.Allen but I think they go with the safer Darnold

2.Giants: J.Allen, QB, Wyoming: First Curveball of the draft. He can sit behind Eli and get the accuracy right

3.Jets: J.Rosen, QB, UCLA: Everything points to Mayfield but the Jets rarely do the obvious

4.Browns: B.Chubb, DL, NCST Adding him to the DL is a no brainer

5.Broncos: B.Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma: They want to move back but likely didn’t expect him to be here

6.Colts: R.Smith, LB, Georgia: I’ve been saying for a month I think Smith is the Colts guy, face of their defense

7.Bucs: S.Barkley, RB, Penn State: Falls right into their lap

8.Bears: D.Ward, CB, Ohio State: With the QB’s in that division you can never have enough CB’s

9.49ers: Q.Nelson, OL, Notre Dame: Have to protect their big ticket investment at QB

10.Cardinals (Trade): L.Jackson, QB, Louisville: Despite adding two QB’s in the offseason they still have no long term solution

11.Dolphins: T.Edmonds, LB, Virginia Tech: With the QB’s off the board they go BPA

12.Bills: M.Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma St: Realistically this is a little high for him but waiting until 22 is not possible given how QB’s have flown off the board

13.Redskins: V.Vea, DL, Washington

14.Packers: K.Vander Esch, LB, Boise State

15.Raiders(Trade): M.McGlinchey

16.Ravens: M.Fitzpatrick-

17.Chargers: C.Williams, OT, Texas

18.Seahawks: M.Davenport, DE, UTSA

19.Cowboys: C.Ridley, WR, Alabama

20.Lions: D.James, S, FSU

21.Bengals: F.Ragnow, OL, Arkansas

22.Bills: J.Jackson, CB, Iowa

23.Patriots: R.Evans, LB, Alabama

24.Panthers: W.Hernandez, OL, UTEP

25.Titans: T.Bryan, DL, Florida

26.Falcons: D.Payne, DL, Alabama

27.Saints: M.Gesicki, TE, Penn State

28.Steelers: J.Alexander, CB, Louisville

29.Jaguars: DJ Moore, WR, Maryland

30.Vikiings: I.Wynn, OL, Georgia

31.Patriots: P.Daniels, OL, Iowa

32.Eagles: M.Hughes, CB, UCF

Final PFWR 2018 Mock Draft

Anthony D. Macari

1. Cleveland Browns
2017 Record: 0-16

Top needs: QB, CB, OT

Sam Darnold    QB  6033, 221    USC

Browns considered taking Allen here but go with the most complete and safest of all QB prospects this year. Darnold checks every box and should end the QB carousel in Cleveland for the next decade.

2. New York Giants
2017 record: 3-13
Top needs: QB, Edge, OL, RB

Saquon Barkley  RB   6000, 233       Penn State

The Giants give Eli one more chance at a run and will give him a dynamic play-making back. The resist a trade down or grabbing a QB to groom behind Eli to take what they believe will be a player they can envision putting on a gold jacket one day.

3. New York Jets (via Colts)
2017 record: 5-11
Top needs: QB, Edge,O-Line

Baker Mayfield QB 6005 215  Oklahoma

The Jets pulled off a bold move to trade up from 6 to position themselves for a QB. Broadway Baker will give the Jets the biggest personality at the position since #12 was sporting a Fu Manchu and sable mink coat on the sidelines. Mayfield has an hyper infectious competitive edge that willl either soar or crash and burn under the bright City lights in NYC. One of the most accurate QBs to come out in years, Baker will find success as long as there is a quality line in front of him to open up passing lanes to compensate for his lack of stature.

4. Cleveland Browns  (Via Texans)
2017 Record: 0-16
Top needs: CB, OT
Bradley Chubb Edge   6043, 269      North Carolina St

With their franchise QB in the fold, Browns come back and take the best player on the board. Chubb can bookend Garret to give teams a nightmare to defend.
5. Buffalo Bills (projected Trade via Broncos)
2017 record: 9-7
Top needs: QB, ILB, O-Line

Josh Allen    CB    6047, 237    Wyoming

The Bills make the much anticipated move up to go get their QB. Allen is the most physically gifted QB prospects I have ever evaluated with a howitzer for an arm, size, athleticism and high IQ. He is also one of the most maligned QB's I have ever seen. Most Bills fans will abhor this pick because of his low completion percentage and inconstant tape. While Allen has much to improve and being picked this high is more a product of his potential than his production, which normally is a losing formula, he has the kind of leadership and competitiveness that indicates he will work relentlessly to fulfill his near limitless potential.

While fans will need to be patient because he will need to redshirt a year and will have some growing pains when he finally does hit the field, he very well could reach pro-bowl/ MVP level production given proper training that will improve his footwork, vision and timing.

The reason to believe he can improve comes from seeing him make plays no other QB in this class or many in any class are capable of making. He has the ability to execute within the framework of the pocket using his 6'5 frame and rocket quick release to thread the needle down field and the ability to shrug off pressure, bounce outside and throw a dart downfield while off balance or on the run. He was particularly effective inside the redzone.

While I understand the fans angst when they see a QB with a sub 60% completion rate with clips showing Allen sailing passes over the head of a receiver on a short pass but the fact he was in a system that was not at all QB friendly, surrounded by questionable talent but still managed to lift the program to its first back to back bowl seasons since the 80's speaks to his leadership ability. Wyoming's scoring doubled in his first season as starter and he found the endzone at a prolific rate both on the ground and in the air. His personal numbers did slip in 2017 when several seniors moved on to the NFL including their starting RB Brian Hill and #1 WR  Tanner Gentry. While Allen now is the prototypical size with one of the strongest arms ever to enter the draft, he was offered no scholarships coming out of college because he was a late bloomer coming from a small town school. The fact Allen has had to fight his way for recognition every step has given him that burning competitive edge needed to succeed at the next level. Allen breaks a lot of the conventional rules for drafting a QB, but he is th ekind of rare talent and rare person that I believe is worth the risk.

Trade details: Broncos receive Picks 12, 22 & 96 (2,096 pts) / Bills receive Pick #5 (1700)

6. Indianapolis Colts (via Jets)

2017 record: 4-12
Top needs: Edge, LB, OL, WR

Quenton Nelson   OG   6050, 325 Notre Dame

One of the most dominant Guard prospects to come out in years. There is no bigger need in Indi than keeping Luck upright.

7. Miami Dolphins (Projected Trade)
2017 record: 6-10
Top needs: QB, DL, LB, TE

Josh Rosen    QB   6040, 226         UCLA

Rosen is an extremely polished passer with exceptional pre and post snap recognition skill. The on the field problems begin when he is surprised with pressure in his face or coverage because his lack of ability to escape and improvise which causes him to take multiple big hits a game. That combined with a thin frame makes him injury prone, having suffered multiple concussions and missing time with a shoulder injury. He will need dominant pass protectors in front of him to keep him clean to execute within a game-plan. Off the field, Rosen has had trouble shaking a reputation for being difficult to coach and a prospect who sole focus may not be on the NFL. Rosen is also very close to his ceiling and my money is on him to be the biggest disappointment in this class.

Trade details: Buccaneers receive Picks 11, 42 & 73 (1,955) /Dolphins receive pick 7 (1500)

8. Chicago Bears

2017 record: 5-11 
Top needs: CB, OL, Edge, DL, LB

Roquan Smith 6007, 236         Georgia

Butkus, Singletary, Urlacher, Smith. The Bears get their next great LB. Smith is a heat seeking missile ready to make a play from sideline to sideline sifting through blockers to stuff the run or blanketing backs and TE's in coverage.

9. San Francisco 49ers
2017 record: 6-10
Top needs: OL, CB, Edge, LB

Tremaine Edmunds   LB       6044, 253          Virginia Tech

Edmunds is a freakish athlete that is only scratching the surface of his potential. Long, quick and productive with the frame to get even bigger.

10. Oakland Raiders
2017 record: 6-10
Top needs: DB, LB, OT, DT

Denzel Ward                  CB            5107, 183         Ohio State

Ward is a versatile play making corner that fits any scheme at any position in the secondary. His old school frenetic style should appeal to new/old coach Gruden as a corner stone of his defense.

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via projected trade w/ Miami)
2017 record: 5-11
Top needs: RB,CB, DL, S

Vita Vea                      DT           6040, 347         Washington

Tampa adds a huge anchor for the middle of its D and pick up some extra picks in the process.

Trade details: Buccaneers receive Picks 11, 42 & 73 (1,955) /Dolphins receive pick 7 (1500)

12. Denver Broncos (via projected trade w/ Bills)
2017 record: 5-11
Top needs: CB, Edge, OL, WR

Harold Landry              DE          6020, 250          Boston College

Broncos add an edge rusher to pair with Von Miller. They passed on grabbing one of the big 4 QBs, to improve their defense and reload around Keenum.

 Trade details: Broncos receive Picks 12, 22 & 96 (2,096 pts) / Bills receive Pick #5 (1700)

13. Washington Redskins

Derwin James S 6020 213 Florida State

14. Green Bay Packers

Mike McGlinchey OT 6070 310 Notre Dame

15 Arizona Cardinals

Lamar Jackson QB 6022 216 4.4e Louisville

16. Baltimore Ravens

Rashaan Evans LB 6020 234 4.70 Alabama

17. LA Chargers

Connor Williams
OT 6050  290  5.00 Texas

18. Seattle Seahawks

Derrius Guice
RB 5110 222 4.50 LSU

19. Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Ridley
WR 6004 189 4.43 Alabama

20. Detroit Lions

Marcus Davenport
DE 6060 264 4.58 UTSA

21. Cincinnati Bengals

James Daniels
C 6030 306 5.1e

22. Denver Broncos
(via projected trade w/ Bills)

Will Hernandez
IOL 6030 340 5.50 UTEP

23. New England Patriots

Minkah Fitzpatrick
S 6001 204 4.46 Alabama

24. Carolina Panthers

D.J. Moore
WR 6000 210 4.42 Maryland

25. Tennessee Titans

Frank Ragnow
IOL 6051312 5.1e Arkansas

26. Atlanta Falcons

Da'ron Payne
DT  6020 308 5.30 Alabama

27. New Orleans Saints

Leighton Vander Esch
LB 6040 256 4.65 Boise State

28. Pittsburgh Steelers

Jaire Alexander
CB 5110 188 4.40 Louisville

29. Jacksonville Jaguars

Isaiah Wynn
IOL 6020 302 5.10 Georgia

30. Minnesota Vikings

Josh Jackson
CB 6010 185 4.50

31. New England Patriots

Taven Bryan
DT 6040 291 4.98 Florida

32. Philadelphia Eagles

Mike Hughes
CB 5100 189 4.53 UCF

PFWR Final Top 100 Rankings - *Corrected
by Anthony D. Macari

X    RNK    POS    PLAYERS    SCHOOL    HT    WT    40.00
x    1    QB    *Sam Darnold    USC    6033    221    4.85
x    2    DE    Bradley Chubb    North Carolina St    6043    269    4.65
x    3    QB    Baker Mayfield    Oklahoma    6005    215    4.84
x    4    QB    *Josh Allen    Wyoming    6047    237    4.81
x    5    RB    *Saquon Barkley    Penn St    6000    233    4.40
x    6    LB    Roquan Smith    Georgia    6007    236    4.58
x    7    IOL    Quenton Nelson    Notre Dame    6050    325    5.20
x    8    CB    *Denzel Ward    Ohio St    5107    183    4.32
x    9    LB    Tremaine Edmunds    Virginia Tech    6044    253    4.54
x    10    DE    Harold Landry    Boston College    6-2    250    4.70
x    11    DT    *Vita Vea    Washington    6040    347    5.10
x    12    QB    *Josh Rosen    UCLA    6040    226    4.92
x    13    LB    Leighton Vander Esch    Boise    6040    256    4.65
x    14    DE    Marcus Davenport    UTSA    6060    264    4.58
x    15    OT    Mike McGlinchey    Notre Dame    6-7    310    5.20
x    16    IOL    Will Hernandez    UTEP    6-3    340    5.50
x    17    IOL    James Daniels    Iowa    6030    306    5.1e
x    18    S    *Derwin James    Florida St    6-2    213    4.50
x    19    LB    Rashaan Evans    Alabama    6-2    234    4.70
x    20    QB    *Lamar Jackson    Louisville    6022    216    4.4e
x    21    DT    *DaRon Payne    Alabama    6-2    308    5.30
x    22    CB    *Jaire Alexander    Louisville    5110    188    4.40
x    23    WR    *Calvin Ridley    Alabama    6004    189    4.43
x    24    OT    *Connor Williams    Texas    6-5    290    5.00
x    25    S    *Minkah Fitzpatrick    Alabama    6001    204    4.46
x    26    DT    Harrison Phillips    Stanford    6032    307    5.21
x    27    WR    DJ Moore    Maryland    6000    210    4.42
    28    DT    Maurice Hurst    Michigan    6-2    282    4.90
x    29    RB    *Derrius Guice    LSU    5-11    222    4.50
x    30    CB    Josh Jackson    Iowa    6-1    185    4.50
x    31    DE    Sam Hubbard    Ohio St    6053    270    4.9e
x    32    WR    *Courtland Sutton    SMU    6033    218    4.54
x    33    CB    Mike Hughes    UCF    5100    189    4.53
x    34    IOL    Frank Ragnow    Arkansas    6051    312    5.1e
x    35    WR    *Christian Kirk    Texas A&M    5103    201   
x    36    DT    Taven Bryan    Florida    6040    291    4.98
x    37    CB    Carlton Davis    Auburn    6-1    203    4.50
x    38    CB    Isaiah Oliver    Colorado    6-0    190    4.50
x    39    RB    Sony Michel    Georgia    5110    214    4.54
x    40    TE    Dallas Goedert    South Dakota St    6-4    250    4.70
x    41    DE    *Arden Key    LSU    6-5    232    4.70
x    42    LB    *Malik Jefferson    Texas    6-2    238    4.50
x    43    S    *Ronnie Harrison    Alabama    6-2    214    4.50
x    44    OT    Martinas Rankin    Mississippi St    6-5    315    5.10
x    45    WR    James Washington    Oklahoma St    5110    213    4.54
x    46    DE    Tyquan Lewis    Ohio St    6-3    260    4.70
    47    WR    Auden Tate    Florida St    6047    228    4.68
    48    DT    Kentavius Street    North Carolina St    6-2    290    4.90
    49    WR    *Deon Cain    Clemson    6017    202    4.43
x    50    LB    Uchenna Nwosu    USC    6-2    240    4.70
    51    DT    Lowell Lotulelei    Utah    6-1    320    5.20
x    52    QB    Mason Rudolph    Oklahoma St    6045    235    4.90
x    53    RB    Nick Chubb    Georgia    5-10    220    4.50
x    54    IOL    Isaiah Wynn    Georgia    6-2    302    5.10
x    55    OT    Chukwuma Okorafor    Western Michigan    6-5    333    5.30
    56    S    Armani Watts    Texas A&M    5-11    200    4.40
x    57    LB    Jerome Baker    Ohio St    6-1    225    4.60
x    58    TE    Mike Gesicki    Penn St    6-5    252    4.80
x    59    DT    Derrick Nnadi    Florida St    6-1    303    5.00
x    60    OT    *Orlando Brown    Oklahoma    6-7    340    5.40
    61    RB    *Bo Scarbrough    Alabama    6-1    232    4.50
    62    DE    DaShawn Hand    Alabama    6-3    282    4.80
x    63    TE    Hayden Hurst    South Carolina    6044    250    4.67
    64    S    Marcus Allen    Penn St    6-1    205    4.50
x    65    CB    Duke Dawson    Florida    5-10    208    4.50
x    66    OT    Mason Cole    Michigan    6-5    305    5.00
    67    S    Quin Blanding    Virginia    6-1    205    4.50
x    68    CB    Donte Jackson    LSU    5100    178    4.32
    69    LB    Hercules Mataafa    Washington St    6-2    245    4.70
x    70    WR    Dante Pettis    Washington    6004    186    4.4e
    71    CB    Brandon Facyson    Virginia Tech    6-1    191    4.50
    72    CB    Anthony Averett    Alabama    6-0    185    4.40
    73    DE    Duke Ejiofor    Wake Forest    6-3    275    4.80
    74    LB    Josey Jewell    Iowa    6-1    235    4.70
x    75    OT    Braden Smith    Auburn    6-5    300    5.00
    76    S    *Jordan Whitehead    Pittsburgh    5-10    185    4.50
    77    WR    Simmie Cobbs    Indiana    6031    220    4.64
    78    LB    *Dorance Armstrong    Kansas    6-4    245    4.70
    79    QB    Kyle Lauletta            Richmond    6040    222    4.81
x    80    WR    DJ Chark    LSU    6027    199    4.34
    81    DE    Jalyn Holmes    Ohio St    6-5    265    4.70
    82    LB    Marquis Haynes    Misssissippi    6-2    222    4.60
    83    DT    Trenton Thompson    Georgia    6-3    298    5.00
    84    CB    Tony Brown    Alabama    6-0    198    4.30
x    85    IOL    Billy Price    Ohio St    6-3    315    5.10
    86    LB    Azeem Victor    Washington    6-2    230    4.70
    87    IOL    *Will Clapp    LSU    6-4    303    5.00
x    88    S    Justin Reid    Stanford    6004    207    4.4
    89    WR    Keke Coutee    Texas Tech    5096    181    4.43
x    90    LB    Dorien O'Daniel    Clemson    6005    223    4.61
x    91    TE    *Mark Andrews    Oklahoma    6-4    250    4.70
X    92    RB    Rashadd Penny    San Diego State    5110    220    4.46
x    93    S    Jessie Bates III    Wake Forest    6011    200    4.5
x    94    RB    *Ronald Jones    USC    6-0    195    4.40
x    95    OT    Kolton Miller    UCLA    6090    309    4.95
x    96    LB    Fred Warner    BYU    6030    236    4.64
    97    DE    Josh Sweat    Florida St    6-4    250    4.70
    98    LB    Keishawn Bierria    Washington    6-1    221    4.70
    99    RB    Kerryon Johnson    Auburn    5-11    212    4.40
    100    OL    Tyrell Crosby    Oregon    6-5    310    5.20
        IOL    Scott Quessenberry    UCLA    6040    310    5.09
        CB    Jordan Thomas    Oklahoma    6-0    192    4.50
        RB    Josh Adams    Notre Dame    6-1    225    4.40
x        WR    Anthony Miller    Memphis    5111    201    4.5e
        CB    Kevin Toliver    LSU    6-1    193    4.50
        TE    Troy Fumagalli    Wisconsin    6-5    248    4.80
        DT    R.J. McIntosh    Miami    6050    286    4.95e
        DT    Andrew Brown    Virginia    6-4    285   
        CB    Tarvarus McFadden    Florida St    6-1    198    4.40
        QB    Luke Falk    Washington St    6035    215    4.8e
        RB    Royce Freeman    Oregon    5-11    230    4.40
        S    DeShon Elliott    Texas    6-1    208    4.50
        RB    Kallen Ballage    Arizona State           
        WR    Allen Lazard    Iowa St    6045    227    4.55
        QB    Mike White    Western Kentucky    6045    224    5.09
        DE    Dorance Armstrong    Kansas           
        QB    Alex McGough    FIU           
        IOL    Bradley Bozeman    Alabama    6050    316    5.1e
        OT    Tony Adams    NC State    6020    322   
        TE    Dalton Schultz    Stanford    6060    244    4.75

2018 QB Rankings, Reviews & Projections

QB Rank
 Overall Rank
Sam Darnold
Baker Mayfield
Josh Allen
Josh Rosen
Lamar Jackson
 Mike White
 Western Kentucky
 Mason Rudolph
 Oklahoma State
1. Sam Darnold USC
Height: 6033 Weight: 221
40: 4.85 Hand: 9 3/8 Arm: 31
Wonderlic: 28 - Velocity: Did not throw at combine

a year with 4 QBs in the mix as the top QB prospect and a potential for 6 to go in the first round, Darnold is at the top not because he is best in any one area, but because he is the most complete. He has NFL size, arm strength, football IQ, leadership intangibles with a clean off-field record, durable and had a high level of production. Again, there may be a prospect in this draft better in each of those individual categories, but none other than Darnold are in the top grouping in every one, thus making him the safest pick at the position in the draft.

Darnold is very young (20) and has only little more than a season and half of experience. He has had trouble protecting the ball both passing and in the pocket due to lapses in decision making and the fact he has a long and looping pitcher's arm motion that exposes the ball. The long motion is where he gets much of his velocity so it would not be something to try to change entirely but he did show it could be tightened up at his pro-day, where he showed a much improved, tighter release. It remains to be seen if he reverts back in live situations so this just may be something he will have to work around.

Despite the mechanical problem, Darnold is able to throw to all levels with velocity, timing and accuracy. He has prototypical size and football IQ. He has exceptional pocket presence and can shift, step up or tuck the ball away for plus yardage when pressured in a manner reminiscent of Andrew Luck. He is a tough leader who teammates respond to and play hard for. Bottom line, Darnold is a solid future franchise QB that may not be able to lift a team up on his shoulders right away, but with a strong supporting cast can be the face of an organization for a decade plus.

Projection: Round 1 - Pick 1 to Browns

Anthony D. Macari
2. Baker Mayfield Oklahoma
Height: 6005 Weight: 215
40: 4.84 Hand: 9 1/4 Arm: 30 1/4
Wonderlic: 25 - Velocity: 59 (left)/ 60 (right)

Baker Mayfield is 6 feet 215 pounds of competitive fire. Off-putting to opponents but a take no prisoners leader on and off the field. He went from Walk-on to the Heisman with one of the most accomplished resume's in recent college history. He is the darling of the scouts that rely on analytics.

Mayfield had a run in with the law for being young, drunk and stupid, but the off-field Manziel type issues begin and end with that one isolated incidence. On the field, he also had some controversial moments, notably planting the Oklahoma flag at mid-field at Ohio State after a hard fought upset victory and a lewd gesture after he was disrespected at the coin toss and being targeted with multiple head hunting cheap shots vs Kansas. On the field the biggest question mark comes not from a lack of production, but from his limited height. He may have challenges to find visible lanes to throw in a traditional NFL offense, unlike the spread offense that opened up lanes at Oklahoma. He will be best on a team with a solid pass protecting interior line that can keep him clean in his face. While he throws with good rpm's and velocity he does not have the natural arm strength as some of the others in this class and he puts maximum effort in every throw to generate his velocity. This works sufficiently in the short and intermediary levels and deep in a clean pocket, but in a crowded pocket may struggle some.

While Mayfield may lack the prototypical height of an NFL QB, he has the kind of elite competitive fire that all the greats share. He has a live arm and has experience working through progressions and expertly dissecting a defense. He makes on target and in rhythm throws both in the pocket and on the run to the short and intermediary levels, both inside and outside. Mayfield's redzone production, where the speed and tight windows best translate to Sunday, Mayfield's production was head and shoulders above the other QB prospects in this class with an 80% adjusted completion percentage and 114.7 passer rating according to @PFF_College. While he is, from an analytics perspective, a near perfect prospect, there is plenty there on tape for the traditional scout to like as well. He makes plays both within the offense but even more impressively he often burned defenses when forced to improvise, throw off platform, when he was flushed from the pocket or when a play initially broke down. He has remarkable awareness and the vision of a point guard with the ability to make split second decisions and translate that into an accurate throw or productive scramble.

Baker Mayfield is the kind of player opponents hate but fans and teammates will want in their fox hole and leading the charge. He has the swagger, athletic instinct and competitive edge found in all the greats. Fact is, if he was 2 inches taller he would be the highest graded QB to come out since Luck, but given the lack of height, a coach may need to adjust an offense slightly to help open up sight lanes and make sure there is talent across the line for him. My projection is now pick 3 to the Jets but my hope is that he ends up in Buffalo as the new leader of the #Billsmafia. With Flutie's athletic instinct and Kelly's competitive fire and toughness, he may just be the QB Bills fans have wanted for years. I think McDermott will embrace Mayfield's passion and use it to further change the culture in Buffalo, like Mayfield did at Oklahoma. It will take a move up to 2 to guaranty getting Mayfield and at 2 the Bills may prefer Darnold if there or Allen.
Round 1 - Pick 3 to NY Jets

3. Josh Allen Wyoming

Height: 6047 Weight: 237
40: 4.75 Hand: 10 1/8 Arm: 33 1/4
Wonderlic: 37 Velocity: 62 (left)/ 62 (right)

Anyone who even casually follows the draft knows Allen has a howitzer for an arm. They likely also have heard about the low completion percentage and accuracy issues. No doubt both are true, but the crowd that has written him off simply because his completion percentage is below 60% likely are undervaluing Allen as a prospect.

Where Mayfield is the darling of the analytics crowd, Allen has the kind of measurables traditional scouts drool over. In fact, if you try to develop the prototypical QB in a lab, you probably couldn't do much better than Allen. He was clocked at 62 mph to both the left and right throwing at the combine, scored the highest on the Wonderlic among the QBs with a score of 37 and at nearly 6' 5" 237 lbs has plus athleticism and the frame to be a force to take down in the pocket. Despite the inconsistency throwing the ball, he has flashed big play-making ability and has the kind of intangibles and leadership qualities the team that selects him could rely on to carry a franchise. 

Allen statistics are poor in multiple areas, especially his completion percentage. His numbers dropped significantly this year from last, which is not what you want to see out of a developing QB. There are times he shows extremely poor mechanics even when not pressured. He flees the pocket too soon at times and there are a handful of balls a game he throws that sail far over the intended targets head, usually due to failing to properly set his feet and drive the ball. This likely is because his arm strength is so strong, he often can get away with an arm throw without driving from his lower body.

If you saw those few passes and the completion percentage, you might write him off as a prospect. If you did, you would be completely missing on a kid with Elway type potential. Of course there is certainly a long way to go from where Allen is to have anything close to an Elway type career, but as a junior, Elway was not that far ahead of where I see Allen right now as a junior. Some QB's are late bloomers and I believe Allen has the kind of work ethic that I believe he will continue to develop his raw natural ability and come close to maxing out his potential. Yes, that means a certain leap of faith, but its not like Allen hasn't already displayed some of his vast potential. In fact, even the analytics crowd have to admit his redzone numbers are impressive. That's significant because inside the redzone, windows are tighter and the pace quickens, most like what a QB will see at the NFL level. According to @pff_college Allen had the highest percentage of positively graded redzone attempts, the second highest redzone passer rating and the third highest adjusted redzone completion percentage among the top 6 QB draft prospects this year. Allen also was able to lead a team with questionable talent to two straight Bowl game appearances including an explosive performance in a Bowl win over Central Michigan in December. It's also somewhat telling when a QB goes out of the lineup, to see how the team performs without him, and when Allen went down at the end of the regular season, Wyoming lost both games. 

While Allen had statistically a season far below where you want a top QB prospect to be, he also made enough spectacular plays and shows the kind of leadership to believe he will develop into a transformative QB for a franchise. He simply can do things on a football field a rare few QB prospects can do, both throwing the ball and escaping a rush. It will not happen overnight, so he needs to go to a team willing to be patient and is capable of continuing to develop him but I do feel in 3 years, he likely will be the best QB in this class. Unfortunately for him, I am projecting him to the Jets with pick 3 where he will be joining a franchise that hasn't a clue how to develop a QB in a city that will have very little patience for a developing young QB. 

Projection: Round 1 - Pick 2 to Bills via Trade

4. Josh Rosen UCLA

Height: 6040 Weight: 226
40: 4.92 Hand: 9 7/8 Arm: 31 3/4
Wonderlic: 29 Velocity: 57 (left)/ 59 (right)

One of the things about this draft class is every prospect has a set of skills and characteristics that some teams, fans and scouts will love and most of them also have a set of things that others will hate. It really is an eye of the beholder draft and Rosen is no exception. Some see the beautiful polished mechanics, the pin point accuracy on most throws, the plus arm strength and a unique outspoken intelligence and they rate him at the top of the class. Others see a QB who needs a clean pocket, warm weather, a strong supporting cast, coaches who don't mind be challenged, a top level training staff to keep him on the field and an outspoken personality that might alienate some in the locker room or in the stands.

On the field, Rosen does many tings exceptionally, but he was at the bottom of this class in redzone efficiency and accuracy. While in a clean pocket, his mechanics are flawless and has exceptional footwork to shift in the pocket, but he seems to be almost over trained and mechanical lacking the natural athletic instinct to make plays when things break down. He tends to force throws when pressured relying on his arm talent and often takes big hits that have knocked him out of games with a shoulder injury and multiple concussions. His thin frame and playing style may not withstand the pounding he may take at the next level. He's a player who often puts up good stats in losing efforts. Is that because he is a good player on a bad team or is it because he cares more about his personal performance and numbers than the team's success. His own former coach said he would take Darnold over Rosen if he was making the decision in Cleveland because Darnold has
 "that blue-collar, gritty attitude." that his teammates will love and will always say the right things. Did that mean Mora doesn't believe Rosen is a blue collar gritty player who teammates will love and won't always say the right thing?

In the right situation, on a team with an exceptional offensive line, Rosen can be a franchise QB. In shorts playing touch football, he is the best QB in this class, and the way the NFL is moving with rule changes the game may soon more resemble touch than tackle anyway.  However, i would not be surprised to see Rosen being the biggest disappointment in this class and move on to bigger and better things out of the league sooner rather than later.

Projection: Pick 11 - Miami Dolphins

2018 PFWR Big Board - Top 100

 Sam Darnold
 Bradley Chubb
 North Carolina State
 Baker Mayfield
 Josh Allen
 Saquon Barkley
 Penn State
 Roquan Smith
 Quenton Nelson
 Notre Dame
 Minkah Fitzpatrick
 Denzel Ward
 Ohio State
 Tremaine Edmunds
 Virginia Tech

Top 5’s For October: DT

Mike Watkins





1.C.Wilkins, Clemson

2.D.Payne, Alabama

3.T.Thompson, Georgia

4.V.Vea, Washington

5.D.Jones, Ohio State




-I would consider it an above average class. There are a couple blue chips at the top and then some depth behind that with players that will fit varying defenses.

-A lot of people have moved Payen to the top of the board but I still think Wilkins should be considered the top overall DT prospect. Wilkins is a load to handle and is contantly penetrating into the backfield breaking up plays that don’t show up on his stat sheet

-V.Vea will likely be the top 3-4 NT off the board. He can control the point of attack and has the ideal size for it. The popularity of the position, Run Stuffing DT, should to start to increase with the resurgence of the RB position

-A player I like in the later rounds is Jerry Tillary. Tillery is a player who is where he is supposed to be when he is supposed to be there. He is sound in every facet of the game. Some have him as a day 3 player I have him as a second rounder. He’ll likely rise through the process

Top 5’s For October: DE

Mike Watkins




1.B.Chubb, NC State

2.A.Key, LSU

3.S.Hubbard, Ohio State

4.H.Landry, Boston College

5.D.Armstrong, Kansas




-I don’t know what it is with NC State DL but they have had a string of very talented ones that all have the same characteristic of a very hot or cold motor. Chubb is no different and it’s the reason why I think some hesitate to put him at number 1. When Chubb motor is running hot he is unblockable one on one and nearly unblockable with a double team.


-Key from LSU missed the beginning of the season so some of his early performances leave a little to be desired. He however keeps getting better and better and is almost back to his 2016 form. He reminds a lot of S.Rice. He has an array of pass rushing moves that he’ll use over the course of the game making him very difficult to handle


-A lot of people have dropped Hubbard but I still think he has a great skill set for Sundays and will be scheme fluid on the next level. You would like to see a little more production but he plays within the system and doesn’t go rouge as can be the case with DE’s hunting sacks


-A player I like in the later rounds is Jaylon Ferguson from Louisiana Tech. It may be short lived though because I could see Ferguson rising a lot in the predraft process. When you watch him he is a lot to handle and he is always around the ball. Its that relentlessness and his production that I think we’ll catch teams eye. His game also translates really well to Sundays

Top 5’s For October: IOL

 Mike Watkins




1.Q.Nelson, Notre Dame

2.B.Price, Ohio State

3.W.Hernandez, UTEP

4.S.Quessenberry, UCLA

5.B.Smith, Auburn




-Much the OT group the IOL group is deep and has multiple blue chip prospects. Nelson right now is the consensus number 1 but there are multiple prospects below him that could push him if they continue to have strong season. Nelson will draw a lot of comparisons to another former Notre Dame player, Zach Martin, and they are warranted. Nelson has been putting on a OG blocking clinic from week to week.


-There is a little more debate about whom the top Center is in the draft. I still like B.Price from Ohio State even though some have downgraded him from the beginning of the year. He reminds me a lot of Max Unger


-Later round player I like is Tim Parris from Stoney Brook. He’ll need some work and the level of play will obviously be an issue. The Senior Bowl will be very big in determining where Paris lands

Top 5’s For October: OT

Mike Watkins




1.M.McGlinchey, Notre Dame

2.T.Adams, Washington

3.M.Rankin, Mississippi St.

4.C.Williams, Texas

5.J.Jones, Ohio State




-This projects to be one of the deeper classes in this year’s draft. You could have anywhere from 5-7 OT’s go in the first round in 2018. It has been a bit of a down couple of drafts at the position so teams will be eager to jump on this bumper crop of talent


-The debate will not be too hot in season but once these kids declare expect there to be a ton of debate as to who is the top OT on the board. Honestly there could be multiple right answers as I have 4 of them projected to be franchise type LT’s.


-I have McGlinchey as the top player right now just slightly beating out Adams. I’ve seen every snap of McGlinchey College and he is a rock of consistency and likely would have been the top OT and top 10 pick last year had he declared. He’ll be a top 15 pick and I expect him to go top 10


-Bentley Spain from North Carolina is a player I like in the later rounds. He has caught my eye in a number of games and his physical measurable project well to Sunday. He needs to be coached up but I think there is a lot there to work with

Top 5’s For October: TE

Mike Watkins




1.M.Andrews, Oklahoma

2.H.Hurst, South Carolina

3.T.Fumagalli, Wisconsin

4.M.Gesicki, Penn State

5.C.Wilson, UCLA




-Average overall group in my opinion. I currently do not have a first round grade on any of the prospective TE’s in this class. There are some well rounded prospects but no one I would say will turn into a TE that a Sunday offense can lean on.


-Andrews is the player I have at the top as of right now. He is not going to blow anyone away athletically but he has a high football IQ and is the classic Zone Buster TE. I also have Andrews above Hurst due to the fact that Hurst will be a 25 year old rookie which is a bit odd and IMO devalues him


-A later round player I like is Ian Thomas from Indiana. He may have the best overall hands for a TE in the draft. He tracks the ball very well while its in the air and can make a play on it. The run blocking leaves a good amount to be desired but I believe that can be coached up

Top 5’s For October: WR

Mike Watkins




1. C.Kirk, Texas A&M

2. C.Ridley, Alabama

3. J.Washington, Oklahoma St

4. S.Cobbs Jr., Indiana

5. E.St.Brown, Notre Dame



-It’s shaping up to be one of the deeper positions in the upcoming draft but it lacks a J.Jones/AJ Green stud type WR at the top. Despite not being top heavy if the players declare who are expected to declare there will be quality WR being selected well into day 2


-I had Ridley and Washington 1 and 2 for awhile but the more I watch of Kirk the more I like him. Some teams will downgrade him due to his height but they will be making a mistake. He is basically Steve Smith V 2.0.


-St. Brown from Notre Dame is an interesting player. His state will not jump off the sheet and if teams scout him via that they will be making a mistake. Notre Dame QB’s are really nothing to write home about and they have one of the better ground games in college. Due to this St.Brown stats will really not due him justice.


-Late Rounder I like for the Bills is Anthony Miller from Memphis. Miller’s combine numbers won’t blow anyone’s doors off but he’s a crafty WR who knows how to get open. Teams looking for a slot WR to move the chains will gravitate towards him

Top 5’s For October: RB

Mike Watkins




1.S.Barkley, PSU

2.D.Guice, LSU

3.N.Chubb, Georgia

4.B.Love, Stanford

5.B.Scarborough, Alabama



-So its Barkley and then everyone else. He is clearly the top RB in the class and could easily be a top 5 pick in 2018. You would be hard pressed to find any hole in his game. He by all accounts will make it 3 years in a row that a RB goes in the top 5 as the position is having a resurgence on Sundays

-Coming after Barkley there is a mix match of skill sets in which teams will be looking to see who best fits their system. I have Scarborough a little bit higher than most but the potential there is tremendous. I expect Guice and Chubb to be battling to be second off the board after Barkley. I have early 2nd rounder’s on both

-Late round player that I like is Myles Gaskins from Washington. Gaskins has a lot of what I look for in RB’s. The first and foremost being balance. He plays and runs with a wide base and it aides in his lateral quickness. His physical size will keep his stock down but he’ll see the field early on Sundays due to his pass blocking ability

Top 5’s For October: QB

Mike Watkins




1. J.Allen, Wyoming

2. S.Darnold, USC

3. J.Rosen, UCLA

4. C.Thorson, Northwestern

5. W.Grier, West Virginia



-Every pass is way overanalyzed for each of these QB’s and its definitely making for some entertaining hot takes on Twitter. The reality is one play will not define any of these players. I love the debate that is going on however. It’s interesting to see what everyone looks for in a QB and how people latch on to their guy

-I have all of these guys graded pretty close especially the top 3. If they all declare you could legitimately see all 5 of them go in the first round.

-If you are looking for a Andrew Luck/Peyton Manning Type QB in this class you won’t find them. I actually think that’s where a lot of teams make mistakes and are afraid to pull the trigger. Generational QB’s like that are the clear cut number 1 pick only come around about every decade or so. If you are waiting for them and then compound it with being in the position to draft said QB you’ll be waiting a very long time. While there is no clear cut number 1 there will be a lot of good starters who emerge from this class

-Late Round Prospect I like is Jake Browning from Washington. He is going to get knocked down for his size and arm strength as well as inevitably draw comparisons to Matt Barkley. I think he’s a gamer though and if I was selecting a QB from the 3rd round on he’d be the one I bet on

2018 PFWR Big Board

2018 PFWR Rankings  
by Anthony Macari

1    QB    *Sam Darnold    USC
2    DE    Bradley Chubb    North Carolina St
3    QB    Baker Mayfield    Oklahoma
4    QB    *Josh Allen    Wyoming
5    RB    *Saquon Barkley    Penn St
6    LB    Roquan Smith    Georgia
7    IOL    Quenton Nelson    Notre Dame
8    CB    *Denzel Ward    Ohio St
9    LB    Tremaine Edmunds    Virginia Tech
10    DE    Harold Landry    Boston College
11    DT    *Vita Vea    Washington
12    QB    *Josh Rosen    UCLA
13    LB    Leighton Vander Esch    Boise
14    DE    Marcus Davenport    UTSA
15    OT    Mike McGlinchey    Notre Dame
16    IOL    Will Hernandez    UTEP
17    IOL    James Daniels    Iowa
18    S    *Derwin James    Florida St
19    LB    Rashaan Evans    Alabama
20    QB    *Lamar Jackson    Louisville
21    DT    *DaRon Payne    Alabama
22    CB    *Jaire Alexander    Louisville
23    WR    *Calvin Ridley    Alabama
24    OT    *Connor Williams    Texas
25    S    *Minkah Fitzpatrick    Alabama
26    DT    Harrison Phillips    Stanford
27    WR    DJ Moore    Maryland
28    DT    Maurice Hurst    Michigan
29    RB    *Derrius Guice    LSU
30    CB    Josh Jackson    Iowa
31    DE    Sam Hubbard    Ohio St
32    WR    *Courtland Sutton    SMU
33    CB    Mike Hughes    UCF
34    IOL    Frank Ragnow    Arkansas
35    WR    *Christian Kirk    Texas A&M
36    DT    Taven Bryan    Florida
37    CB    Carlton Davis    Auburn
38    CB    Isaiah Oliver    Colorado
39    RB    Sony Michel    Georgia
40    TE    Dallas Goedert    South Dakota St
41    DE    *Arden Key    LSU
42    LB    *Malik Jefferson    Texas
43    S    *Ronnie Harrison    Alabama
44    OT    Martinas Rankin    Mississippi St
45    OT    *Mitch Hyatt    Clemson
46    WR    James Washington    Oklahoma St
47    RB    Bryce Love    Stanford
48    DE    Tyquan Lewis    Ohio St
49    WR    Auden Tate    Florida St
50    DT    Kentavius Street    North Carolina St
51    WR    *Deon Cain    Clemson
52    LB    Uchenna Nwosu    USC
53    RB    Damien Harris    Alabama
54    DT    Lowell Lotulelei    Utah
55    QB    Mason Rudolph    Oklahoma St
56    RB    Nick Chubb    Georgia
57    IOL    Isaiah Wynn    Georgia
58    DT    *Christian Wilkins    Clemson
59    OT    Chukwuma Okorafor    Western Michigan
60    S    Armani Watts    Texas A&M
61    LB    Jerome Baker    Ohio St
62    TE    Mike Gesicki    Penn St
63    DT    Derrick Nnadi    Florida St
64    OT    *Martez Ivey    Florida
65    OT    *Orlando Brown    Oklahoma
66    RB    *Bo Scarbrough    Alabama
67    DE    DaShawn Hand    Alabama
68    TE    Hayden Hurst    South Carolina
69    S    Marcus Allen    Penn St
70    CB    Duke Dawson    Florida
71    OT    Mason Cole    Michigan
72    S    Quin Blanding    Virginia
73    CB    Donte Jackson    LSU
74    LB    Hercules Mataafa    Washington St
75    WR    Dante Pettis    Washington
76    CB    Brandon Facyson    Virginia Tech
77    CB    Anthony Averett    Alabama
78    DE    Duke Ejiofor    Wake Forest
79    LB    Josey Jewell    Iowa
80    OT    Braden Smith    Auburn
81    S    *Jordan Whitehead    Pittsburgh
82    WR    Simmie Cobbs    Indiana
83    LB    *Dorance Armstrong    Kansas
84    QB    Kyle Lauletta            Richmond
85    WR    DJ Chark    LSU
86    DE    Jalyn Holmes    Ohio St
87    LB    Marquis Haynes    Misssissippi
88    DT    Trenton Thompson    Georgia
89    CB    Tony Brown    Alabama
90    IOL    Billy Price    Ohio St
91    LB    Azeem Victor    Washington
92    IOL    *Will Clapp    LSU
93    S    Justin Reid    Stanford
94    WR    Keke Coutee    Texas Tech
95    LB    Dorien O'Daniel    Clemson
96    TE    *Mark Andrews    Oklahoma
97    RB    Rashadd Penny    San Diego State
98    S    Jessie Bates III    Wake Forest
99    DE    *Austin Bryant    Clemson
100    RB    *Ronald Jones    USC