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Fitting the Bills: Final Bills Mock

Updated: Apr 18

The Final PFWR Bills mock is really just a tweak of 2.0. The top pick is still Xavier Worthy. As much as the narrative has been that the Bills need to find a bigger, classic X receiver in this draft, while not opposed, I do not believe it is a must. Bills should be far more focused on finding the most dynamic play-maker who creates mismatches with speed, quickness and crisp route running that has good hands. They also need to play smart with maximum effort for the many times Josh triggers the scramble drill. The league has changed with rules that tilt the field and protects the smaller quicker receivers. Another reason is the Bills already have multiple big targets in Kincaid & Knox. Bottom line is the Bills need to add a dynamic weapon to the offensive attack for Josh Allen, and unless they sell their future, which I am not in favor of, to get into the top 10 for one of the big 3 receivers, no other prospect in this draft moves the needle for me more than Xavier Worthy. If not Worthy, Ladd McConkey, Ricky Pearsall and Xavier Legette would also be dynamic, game changing picks for the Bills that meet the criteria stated above.

1st Round Pick 28: Xavier Worthy WR Texas 

Overall Rank: 11 WR Rank: 4 PFWR Grade 9.43

Height: 5112

Weight: 169

40: 4.21

10: 1.49

Arms: 31 1/8

Hand: 8 3/4

Wing: 74 1/4

RAS: 9.34

💥Explosive Playmaker 🐇Quick Twitch 🐆Speed to Burn 🐶Has that Dog inside 🧮RAC Machine 🃏 Versatile 💣Deep Threat🍃Can be pushed off route 🐊Short Arms/Body Catches Passes 🤏Undersized Frame 🐃Bills Fit

Despite the obvious lack in size, Worthy is fearless and tough enough to fight for every yard. His obvious track speed shows up on tape, as he not only displays a 2nd but also 3rd gear that can not be matched. However, he is much more than just a track star with 3 years of outstanding production despite shoddy QB play at times. Worthy has also proved to be surprisingly durable, not having missed a start despite 244 touches, including rushes, receptions and returns. Worthy tilts the field with his explosiveness, and makes teams respect the deep speed, which opens up for him and others to work underneath.

Has the versatility to line up across the board at X, Y, or Z which will give the Bills the ability to mix and match how they attack, but projects best as a true outside Z. He is a much better route runner than given credit for and the knock on his hands is overblown, with most of his drops coming in his junior year when he played 6 games after fracturing his hand. I only counted two drops all year this season. He also is a competitive blocker, showing good technique and pride in neutralizing and in some cases even leveling defenders that outweigh him. Of course, the best reason to draft Worthy, is his deep threat ability. He shows a great knack for tracking and chasing the ball with the speed not only to get separation but to chase overthrows down, and the ability to adjust to offline deep throws. He shows quick late hands, concealing the timing of arrival of the ball. The lone knock comes down to size, and that does show up on contested catches, but with his burst, speed and quick twitch, contested catches are rare. Also, when considering which WR prospect would be best for the Bills, consider the fact Josh Allen launches projectile missiles, not jump balls. Contested catch ability means less than separation ability. Checks all the boxes, except size, the Bills need in their lineup. Worthy's speed, competitiveness and toughness make him the perfect choice for the Bills.

2nd Round Pick 60: Cole Bishop Safety Utah 

Overall Rank: 51 Safety Rank: 1 PFWR Grade 9.18

Height: 6020

Weight: 206

40: 4.45

10: 1.66

Arm: 29 3/4

Hands: 9 1/2

Wing: 73

RAS: 9.81

💥Explosive Playmaker 🃏Versatile 📈Unlimited Upside 👿Athletic Freak 🔨Hits Like a Hammer ⛷Downhill Player 🐃Buffalo Bills Fit

Cole Bishop is a versatile and extremely active Safety that hits like a hammer, has exceptional speed and athleticism and would be a perfect fit in the Bills offense. A leader on Utah's exceptional defense, he was all over the field and excelled at every responsibility he was given, be it as a sure tackler, blitzer, deep or in the box safety. He takes great angles and takes being the last line of defense seriously, making sure to lower the boom and wrap up. Also has the size and athleticism to match up in coverage vs receivers and TEs. Could slip in and be a day one starter at either safety position for the Bills and soon could be expected to take on a leadership role as the QB of the Secondary. While no rookie can be expected to fill the huge void left by Hyde and Poyer's departure, adding Cole Bishop would be a great first step for the future.

4th Round Pick 128: Jalyx Hunt Edge HCU 

Overall Rank: 128 Edge Rank: 11 PFWR Grade 7.67

Height: 6036

Weight: 252

40: 4.64

10: 1.60

Arm: 34 3/8

Hand: 10

RAS: 9.18

🥇Elite Athlete 💥Explosive Playmaker 📈Unlimited Upside ⏳Needs Time to develop 🎭Better pass rusher than vs Run🔪Sharp Edge Rusher 🧸Faced Weaker Opposition 🍃Thin frame but room to grow 🐃Developmental Situational Pass rusher. Learn from Von

Hunt is an extremely athletic small school prospect with enormous upside potential. He has an explosive burst off the edge and the speed to chase down the QB or running back from sideline to sideline. He has the frame to continue to add bulk and strength, especially his lower body. He will need time before he is a 3 down defender, but can used in sub rush packages day one as he learns and grows. Being on the same roster as future HOFer Von Miller will help expedite his progress. The Bills need to continue to add depth, speed and youth to their defense, and Hunt fits the Bill.

4th Round Pick 133: Khristian Boyd DT University of Northern Iowa 

Overall Rank: 134 DT Rank: 14 PFWR Grade 7.63

Height:6023 Weight:329 RAS: 3.39

🦏Raw Power 🐼Kung Fu Panda 🏋️‍♂️Elite Strength 🧸Weaker Competition 🐃Rotational NT

Massive DT with raw power and surprising motor for his size. Overwhelms and consumes blocks. Strength to anchor and collapse the pocket. Offers rotational value as he refines his game understudying behind DaQuan Jones. Bills need to add another big body to the roster as insurance for when Jones is out of the lineup.

Round 5


Penn State

Hunter Nourzad IOL


Ht:6031 Wt:317 Bench:27 RAS: 8*

🦏Power🏋️‍♂️Strength👷‍♂️Hard Worker 🎭Better Run Blocker than Protector vs speed🩹Injury history/risk 🐃Developmental C to provide depth.



Edefuan Ulofoshio LB


Ht:6004 Wt:236 40:4.56 RAS:9.54

🥇Elite AThlete 💥Explosive Playmaker 🔨Hits Like a Hammer ⛷ 🐃Run Stuffing Early Down Situational LB who can be a core 4 STs



Isaac Guerendo RB


Ht:6004 Wt:236 40:4.33 RAS:9.99

🥇Elite Athlete 💥Explosive Playmaker 🐎Size/Speed📈Unlimited Upside 🐃Big bodied speedster to add to the RB mix.

Round 6



Ryan Flournoy WR


6006 202 40:4.44 RAS: 9.77

🥜Senior Bowl Standout 🥇Elite Athleticism 🙌Good Hands 🐎Plus Size/Speed 🧸🐃



Logan Lee DT


Ht:6053 Wt:281 40:5.05 RAS:9.10

🔋Non stop battery 🥋Uses Leverage ↘Down Hill 🃏Versatile 👷‍♂️Hard worker 🤏Undersized🐃A Versatile DT to plug in and rotate anywhere across the line. Natural athleticism and work ethic to develop into major contributor

Round 7



Isaiah Johnson DB


Height: 6030 Weight: 205 40: 4.64

🍊Orange Homer Pick 👨‍✈️Team Captain 💥Explosive Playmaker ⛷Down Hill Player🐱Cat like instincts 🐇Quick twitch 🃏Versatile 🐃A developmental versatile DB. ST

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