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TE 2018

Michael Watkins @merk256



1.TJ Hockenson, Iowa(1)

2.Irv Smith, Alabama(1)

3.Noah Fant, Iowa(1)

4.Drew Sample, Washington(2)

5.Jace Sternberger, Texas A&m(2)

6.Dawson Knox, Ole Miss(2)

7.Caleb Wilson, UCLA(2)

8.Josh Oliver, San Jose State(3)

9.Kaden Smith, Stanford(3)

10.Alize Mack, Notre Dame(3)


-I’d call it a good group overall that is slightly top heavy. The ranking really depends on what you value in a TE. I could definitely see Noah Fant being higher on some boards because he is the best vertical threat of the group

-I’ll Go with Hockenson as the top TE because I do still value blocking in the position

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