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Telvin Smith

OLB: Telvin Smith


Florida State

Height: 6030 Weight: 218lbs

Hands: 10 1/4 Arms: 32 1/2

40: 4.52 10yd: 1.53

Bench: DNP VJ: 31.5


-Good range

-Very Good first steps

-Seeks out contact


-Will have the Tweener label

-Out of position a lot

-Coverage Skills average for both LB or S

Overview: Smith may get a little boost from teams that are looking to incorporate the Hybrid LB/S spot into their defense. He will however not even be on the board for teams looking for the more traditional player at either spot. As a player he is really well rounded and by all accounts a very devoted player Those two things alone are enough to get drafted and find a place in the league

My Grade: 4th

Where I think he will go: 3rd

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )

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