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RB 2018

Michael Watkins  @merk256



1.Josh Jacobs, Alabama(1)

2.Darrell Henderson, Memphis(1)

3.David Montgomery, Iowa State(2)

4.Miles Sanders, Penn State(2)

5.Dexter Williams, Notre Dame(2)

6.Justice Hill, Oklahoma State(2)

7.Damien Harris, Alabama(2)

8.Devin Singletary, Florida Atlantic(2)

9.Trayveon Williams, Texas A&M(2)

10.Miles Gaskin, Washington(3)


-I’d rank the overall class as average. It has a pretty solid spread where you can get contributing player into day 3. There is no blue chipper among the group like the previous couple years

-One player I am definitely going to follow in this group is Miles Gaskin. He may not have all the measurable but the kid is a gamer

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