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Fitting the Bills: Tucker Kraft TE South Dakota State

Height: 6046 Weight: 254 40: 4.69 RAS: 9.67

Adding a TE to compliment Dawson Knox would add a new dynamic to the Bills attack. Finding a dual threat TE to use in 12 personnel will help both the run game by extending the line of scrimmage and the pass game by making teams commit to choose between bringing more defenders in the box or sit back and defend the big plays downfield to Diggs, Davis, Shakir and Harty.

Kraft is a two way athletic throwback TE. Makes the contested catch and will impact the

run game as a blocker. Tough and versatile with huge upside potential as an in-line blocker. While he lacks the top end speed of a future star TE, Kraft is a tough, big framed threat to make contested catches and will be a red zone specialist. As a complimentary piece to pair with Knox, he could add an entirely new dimension tot he Bills attack, and will play a huge part in helping the run game.

Kraft had a solid combine, backing up what he put on tape. Given the level of competition, the solid measurables help verify the evaluation. Kraft was easily one of my favorites to watch, playing with the kind of passion and toughness you want to see in a TE. He may not last until the Bills 3rd pick, but if he does, they should pounce.

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