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Fitting the Bills: Jack Campbell LB Iowa

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Height: 6045 Weight: 249 40: 4.65

Jack Campbell is a throwback LB who served 2 years as team captain over one of the nations most talented defenses. His incredible production, leadership and toughness will not soon be forgotten at Iowa. A true two way defender who can absolutely sniff out and stuff the run or drop back into coverage and disrupt the pass. If there is a weakness in his game, it is his lack of pass rush ability, but on a team that asks their LBs to play the traditional role of QB'ing the day, he is a dream prospect.

Any unwarranted doubts about his athleticism were answered at the combine, where he posted an elite workout. His RAS of 9.98 compares favorably with some of the all time greats. One of those comps is a player Sean McDermott and staff are very familiar with, Luke Kuechly. Not surprisingly, Campball is working with Kuechly pre-draft.

Now that the Bills know they will be without Tremaine Edmunds in the middle of their D, the urgency to draft a true MLB like Campbell gains in importance exponentially. The Bills put a lot on Edmunds plate from day1, having him call plays and man the middle. It took time for him to adapt and grow into that role. It is imperative if they go the rookie MLB starter route again, in the middle of a Super Bowl window, they get one that has the football IQ and leadership qualities to handle that responsibility. There may not be another prospect at any position in this draft better suited and mature enough to handle such a large responsibility day one.

I know the online rankings have Campbell squarely in the middle of round two, but if I am the Bills I would not hesitate to take him with their first pick, given the match between need, talent, readiness and leadership. I'll take toughness + Football IQ all day every day to man the middle. Now throw in size, athleticism and instinct and you have a franchise MLB.

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