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Fitting the Bills: Joe Tippmann IOL Wisconsin

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Height: 6056 Weight: 320

PFWR Rank: 24 Position Rank: 2

It's no secret the Bills are looking to upgrade the offensive line. Especially at Guard. Ideally, they find a prospect that can start out at Guard, and then transition to Center once Mitch Morse is ready to move on. Given his concussion history, that eventuality is always at risk of coming fast.

Luckily this is deep class at versatile IOL who can play both Guard or Center. One such prospect is Wisconsin Center, Joe Tippmann. Tippmann is a physical freak at 6056, 320 pounds. He will likely be one of the huge winners at the combine, given his combination of athleticism and size. It is rare for a Center of his size to be effective given the need to quickly get off the ball and maximize leverage quickly, but Tippmann is the rare exception, with the fluidity to get off the ball quickly and attack or anchor with good bend. He has a great ability to get to the second level and use those long arms and his wide frame to make combination blocks to get downfield. In pass pro, he is a load to get around and shows good pop with his hands.

There are times he gets to tall and his upper and lower body aren't in synch, but there are enough examples where he plays with solid leverage to think experience will help smooth out the inconsistencies in footwork. He does end up on the ground a lot, sometimes through sustained effort, sometimes due to poor balance.

Not only can he play all three interior positions, but Tippmann was recruited as Tackle, so he is the ultimate in versatility. He may not be a plug and play Center day 1, but he has enough raw athleticism, size and football IQ to man one of the Guard spots from day 1. He would be most effective in a wide zone, and in a system that asks their lineman to block on the move. That makes him a perfect fit for the Bills. He is likely a day 2 pick.

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