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Fitting the Bills: Bijan Robinson RB Texas

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Height: 6000 Weight: 220

PFWR Rank: 4 Position Rank: 1

Robinson is an electric feature back who in another era would be in the conversation to be the top pick in the draft. He is a generational talent, combining speed, vision, balance and silky smooth shiftiness. Robinson is an equal threat as receiver as he is in the backfield, runs crisp routes and display the soft hands of a receiver. Defenses will need to be account for where he is lined up on every snap and commit extra resources to slow him down.

Robinson has a durable frame and the evasiveness needed to help him carry a heavy load for long career. Despite being a bell cow back, he has avoided serious injury, except a serious looking neck injury that didn't cause him to miss extended time. Despite the trend against drafting RBs early, Robinson is worth the investment and locking him up for the 5th year option, essentially guarantees he plays his prime years on that rookie contract.

Bills Twitter is deeply divided on the topic of taking a RB with the first pick. While I understand the philosophy of waiting to take a back, because of their short shelf life and the fact it is possible to find good ones throughout the draft. However, when you have a chance to add a Back who tilts the field, and you are within the window to win a championship, you should not hesitate. This draft includes two backs, Robinson and Alabama's Jahmyr Gibbs who are the kind of dynamic playmakers that could get a team like the Bills over the hump. Adding Robinson in the Bills backfield would give them a dynamic they have not had since Josh Allen was drafted. It would take the pressure off of Allen to have to do it all, through the air and on the ground. It will force teams to adjust to him on every down, which will open up the field for Diggs, and Davis and Knox. Blitzes and pressures could more easily be neutralized.

The Bills missed out on Travis Etienne in 2021 and passed over Breece Hall in 2022. Both backs, if and I get this is a big if, could stay healthy, they very well could have been the difference makers for the Bills in January and got them to February. James Cook has the potential to be a nice, complimentary piece, but he likely will not be able to be a feature back on his own. The possibility of having both Cook, and Robinson on the field together opens up a myriad of possibilities. Bijan will be a coaches best friend, and partnering him with Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs will remind some of us older Bills Mafia members of the days when Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed were tearing up the league.

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