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Post Combine NFL and Draft Thoughts

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )

-I think how the OT shake out will be interesting to watch during this draft. On the one hand there is so many possible quality ones that teams may feel they can wait. However when the draft draws closer and on draft day their stock always takes a late rise. Teams always need OL and a starting OT is usually seen as a safe pick. You will be hard pressed to find fans that ultimately won’t get behind the upgrading of that position

-Funny to me= Media and fans saying the numbers don’t matter that much before the combine and then I see countless tweets from both saying “he locked in…” “He solidified…” “He’s rising” “He’s falling”

-The numbers are always interesting but you have to keep in mind that the 3 most important things that happen at the combine are 1.The Medicals 2.The interviews 3.How the Player conducts himself on the field and interacts. You’ll hear stock rising or falling due to this number or that number but in front offices it’s really not that important

-Gilbert is a player Bills fans should start rooting for his hype to start gaining steam to put him in the top 8. Chances are the Bills will not be selecting a CB so if Gilbert can work his way up into the top 8 that will help the Bills. It will also be a tremendous help if multiple CB’s and QB’s go before the Bills are up again in the second round

-The TE’s showed to be a deep class at the combine. I really don’t think however that the Bills think the need for an upgrade there is a strong as the fans do. A good portion of the fan base has been clamoring for a good TE for years and it’s justifiable. When you have a good one it gives opposing defenses multitude of problems

-First pick in the draft is still very much up in the air. Bortles looks like he could be the guy but if O’Brien thinks he can win with Schaub than Clowney is very much in the hunt. Personally I haven’t changed from day 1, Bridgewater would be my pick

-Cleveland is an interesting spot in the top 5 because they will likely have both a QB and Clowney on the board. If that’s the case I think Pettine goes Clowney. The thought of him in his defense would be too much for him to pass up

-The cap seems to keep going North which should provide a lot of relief to teams but will also likely choke down the quality of players that actually hit free agency. I personally don’t pay any attention to free agent list until the tags come down. Most the top players will never see the light of day

-I keep seeing B.Spikes name high on a lot of Bills fans FA list. I am not a fan of his, I think while he is a good run stopper he is a big liability in the pass game. Both V.Rey and D.Butler are far better all around players and it’s not close

-I think the NFL is making a big mistake trying to legislate language on the field. They are really getting into a messy area that will have very little benefit. This should be an area that is self policed by the players and teams

-If I haven’t stated it enough yet, it’s absurd the draft was pushed into May….

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