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Mike's 2019 NFL Draft 1st Round Mock

Mike Watkins



1.Cardinals: K.Murray, Oklahoma

2.49ers: N.Bosa, Ohio State

3.Jets: Q.Williams, Alabama

4.Raiders: E.Oliver, Houston

5.Buccaneers: D.White, LSU

6.Giants: J.Williams, Alabama

7.Bills(Trade): J.Allen, Kentucky

8. Redskins(Trade): D.Haskins, Ohio State  

9. Jaguars(Trade): TJ Hockenson, Iowa

10.Broncos: : D.Bush, Michigan

11.Bengals: D.Lock, Missouri

12.Packers: C.Wilkins, Clemson

13.Vikings(Trade): A.Dillard, Washington St

14.Falcons: J.Taylor, Florida

15.Detroit(Trade): DK Metcalf, Ole Miss

16.Panthers: C.Ford, Oklahoma

17.Giants: D.Jones, Duke

18.Dolphins(Trade): D.Lawrence, Clemson

19.Titans: B.Burns, FSU

20.Steelers: R.Ya-Sin, Temple

21.Raiders(Trade): J.Jacobs, Alabama

22.Ravens: AJ Brown, Ole Miss

23.Texans: G.Bradbury, NC State

24.Seahawks(Trade): J.Thornhill, Virginia

25.Eagles: J.Tillary, Notre Dame

26.Colts: B.Murphy, Washington

27.Raiders: N.Fant, Iowa

28.Chargers: R.Gary, Michigan

29.Seahawks: M.Sweat, Mississippi St

30.Packers: H.Butler, Iowa St

31.Rams: E.McCoy, Texas A&M

32.Patriots: C.Ferrell, Clemson

-I went into this trying to think outside the box. I usually don’t incorporate trades but this I figured why not. There are always going to be players that drop farther than you think and players picked higher than they were projected.

-Why?: There are a few reasons, first and foremost he provides for an area of need that the Bills have to shore up and that’s the pass rush. Ideally they would like to get it from a 3 tech DT but I don’t think they are completely married to that heading into the draft. J.Allen would provide an instant needed boost in that area and get a jump start on a position of need after the 2019 season. Also, he made a top 30 visit and I think that’s important when looking at where they might go in round 1

-The Move: I know most fans don’t want to move up and fundamentally I don’t think the Bills do either. That said I think Beane will be aggressive if he sees a blue chip player come within his striking distance. It’s not a major move either so the cost should be limited.

-The Fit: Most have J.Allen pegged as a 3-4 OLB and prior to this year I would have agreed. This year though he added weight to get to 262 to handle the run better and it showed. Its still a work in progress but he carried they weight well. I think he is more of a fit in a 4-3 than he is given credit for.

-The others:

+J.Williams: He would be in heavy consideration if he would make it to the Bills but Getting by the Jaguars at 7 I don’t think is likely if the Giants pass him at 6

+C.Wilkins: If the Bills stay at 9 I think he is the pick. He has everything they want on and off the field and I’ve been a big fan of his for years.

+TJ Hockenson: He has a big fan following but I’m not sure the Bills think TE is as big a need as the fans and media want them to think it is

+DK Metcalf/A.Dillard: If the Bills move down into the teens I think one of these two are the targets

+D.Samuel/AJ Brown/N.Fant/D.Risner: If the Bills move deep into the 20’s either by down from 9 or up from round 2 I think these 4 are the targets

-One final thought: If the Bills do go defense in round one I expect them to go right back to loading up the offense with their next 3 picks.

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