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Final Thoughts on Byrd

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )


-First things first, Byrd should be commended for being a Pro’s Pro both on and off the field. He provided many exciting moments during his tenure as a Buffalo Bill and for that I along with many other Bills fans thank him

-All sides have said the door is and will remain open, realistically and logically that is a very long shot at best

-I’ve been on record for a while saying the Bills should do everything possible to keep him and that includes tagging him again. No reason to rehash those reasons again as they can be easily found on this site

-It’s hard to really say the complete impact of this until Bills fans get to see what is done with all this newfound cap space. I would think the Bills front office would realize that sitting on a big amount of cap space again this year as they did last year is not going to go over well. At the very least you would like to see some extensions handed out to players like M.Dareus and A.Williams so they don’t have a repeat of this Byrd process

-One thing I would say would sooth some of the Bills fans angst is if the money that was going to be spent on Byrd gets spent to shore up a couple of other spots. I compare it a little bit to the Yankees dealing of Cano this year. They made the decision to not pay Cano the big price tag and instead move that money into making the lineup longer. If the Bills plan on making the “Line up Longer” I think it will be seen as a solid justification to letting go of an elite player like Byrd

-I’m not completely sold that the next FS for the Bills is currently on the roster. D.Williams seems to be the popular assumption but I was not real high on him last year in the draft and he was given very little snaps to show anything this past year. Searcy is ok, but is more of a SS. J.Meeks is nothing more than a Special Teamer and Leonhard at his age would be nothing more than a deteriorating stopgap

-If the move to fill the void is going to come from the roster one player I would like to see given a shot is Ron Brooks. He has some experience at FS from his days at LSU. He has the instincts and the range I believe to play the position at the very least an above average level. Given that the Bills are set, it seems to be anyway, at the 3 starting CB spots heading into next year I would like to see the Bills give Brooks a shot back there to see what he can do

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