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Bills Free Agent Thoughts: Spikes, Dixon, Chandler

Mike Watkins

(Twitter: @merk256 )



Brandon Spikes, LB: I’m not a real big Brandon Spikes fan. I think he is a limited player who does one thing well and everything else below average. I really wasn’t really high on him as a free agent because of the money he would want wouldn’t match what he actually provides on the field. That said, even I can’t argue against the one year deal he signed with the Bills. The risk is almost nothing and the Bills don’t get financially tied to a player who likely doesn’t warrant that commitment. The Bills got there two down run stopping thumping LB to get them through the year. Worst case is he leaves at the end of the year no harm no foul. It also doesn’t prevent the Bills from drafting his replacement this year because guys like Spikes can be found on the third day of the draft


Anthony Dixon, RB: I wanted the Bills to add a quality 3rd RB in Free Agency because while the Bills have a good one two punch in Jackson and Spiller they seem to be injured a lot at the same time. I wanted J.Starks originally but Dixon will do just fine. I liked him coming out of Mississippi State. He is a bigger back who is good in short yardage and can carry the load for a game or two if Jackson or Spiller go down. Added bonus is that Dixon is a good special teamer. Quality signing by the Bills here


Scott Chandler, TE: Chandler is the new Kelsay among Bills fans. Do I think Chandler is a great TE? No…Do I think he deserves the tremendous amount of criticisms that Bills fans heap on him? No to that one too. Reality is Chandler is an ok starting TE but his real value would be as a number 2. That is also how I feel the Bills see him and they will look to upgrade the starter position in hopes of bumping Chandler down to his optimal spot. For what they paid for him Chandler is a good deal and quality player


Other Thoughts


-I don’t think the Bills are done yet, but are close to being so. I think they still have an eye on a player or two and will let the market settle to hopefully get a bargain.


-I know Whaley said the Bills are happy with what they have at QB but I think that tune may change if they can get Vick at their price

-If you follow me on Twitter you know I am just not a big Free Agency guy. This to me however is how you run free agency if you are a team. You look to make your roster longer and shore up an area here or there. The main pipeline of your talent should come from the draft. You use free agency to add that quality depth


-One thing going a bit unnoticed here is that all of these Free Agent contracts are set up so they would be easy to restructure or remove all together. That is a big key in these deals. It allows the Bills to have flexibility down the road if they need to create some cap space in a hurry

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