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Week 10 Bills & NFL Notes

Posted by Merk on November 12, 2013 at 11:55 PM

Week 10 Bills Notes


-This loss for all intensive purposes ends the Bills playoffs hopes and extends the longest drought in the NFL. Now is it possible? Yes. Likely at all? No. There is a much better chance at a top 10 draft right now than a playoff spot.


-What you saw was just how damaging the month missed by EJ Manuel was. He regressed back to the point where it looked like it was his first NFL start. He was erratic at best and often looked confused. The rest of this season has to be spent figuring out what exactly the Bills have in Manuel. Any more lost time will be a critical blow to not only him but the franchise


-The Bills OL needs some work but I’ll give the Steelers credit on how they game planned the Bills. They stacked 8 in the box and made a big effort to stop the run. They were not going to allow the Bills RB’s to beat them. They gambled on making the rookie QB coming off a month long absence beating them and they gambled right.


-S.Gilmore had another rough game. As of right now he doesn’t look like the player he was at the end of last year or in the preseason. He still looks to have trouble jamming WR’s at the LOS and that is a big part of his game. Due to that he is playing off more and is allowing quicker WR’s to get to much space


-The Bills keep flip flopping between Bradham and Moats on the early downs and neither has been anything to write home about. Teams also have identified both as a weak spot and make it a point to run right at him


-With teams now Doubling Mario every play it has allowed other Bills pass rushers some one on ones and J.Hughes finally took advantage in this game. Problem is the game was already out of reach


-The Bills have to start making throws down field. Even the attempt can have some positives as it will move the Safeties back a step or two. I understand wanting to get EJ in a rhythm with some short easy throws but eventually you have to take a shot at minimum twice a half. The Bills have way to much speed on the outside and they are letting it go to waste


-Bills have a big task on their hands coming up this weekend as they face the recharged Jets coming off a good performance and off a bye week. If Manuel plays the same way it could be a very ugly afternoon in Western NY


Other Thoughts


-I don’t want to pile on the obvious but I said before the season started that it was completely absurd to include Kaepernick among the NFL elite at the QB position. I like Jaws in the booth but he has a real shaky history when it comes to evaluating QB’s. Don’t be surprised if the 49ers are not in the QB hunt again sooner rather than later


-Why C.Kelly just won’t name Foles the starter is beyond me. Vick at his age is not the long term answer and cannot be counted on


-The NFC East is so bad that a team that was winless for the first 6 weeks of the season is actually back in the race


-Congrats to the Jacksonville. No one wants to see a team go 0-16


-T.Austin finally decided to show up and actually look like a top 10 pick. Now the question is can he keep it going? Personally I have my doubts. Austin is a player that is going to have big games from time to time because teams forget about him and then all of a sudden he explodes.


-If I am in the NFC I would want nothing to do with the Saints in that dome come playoff time. Brees is really good anywhere he plays. In that dome though his game reaches another level into the all time greats


-There is no more disappointing team than the Atlanta Falcons this year. I was wrong on them, I had them going to the NFC title game. I think you will see a complete overhaul of the defense and maybe the staff


-I don’t trust the Bengals. I think they will make it to the playoffs but will be one and done. I think M.Lewis gets worse when the pressure gets turned up and I don’t trust A.Dalton to win me a string of playoff games.


-Seattle has to be the favorite for the Super Bowl right now. They have the most complete team in the league in my opinion. I’m one of the few that think P.Carroll is a excellent coach(His track record is far better than people think) and he has done an excellent job with that team from the moment he got there


-If you are a Dolphins fan right now you have to not be feeling very good about that Jeff Ireland extension right now. Bills fans know your pan as something very similar happened to them with Dick Jauron. Still as the Dolphins move forward they keep getting exposed by a poorly constructed roster that is not going to get any better this offseason


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