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admarc's Final 2017

1. Cleveland Browns
2016 record: 1-15 (.549)
Top needs: QB, Edge, DB

Myles Garrett    DE  6-4, 272    Texas A&M

QB can wait. Hands down the number 1 prospect in this draft. Instant Impact

2. San Francisco 49ers
2016 record: 2-14 (.504)
Top needs: QB, Edge, OL

Solomon Thomas  Edge   6-3, 273       Stanford

Another QB needy team better served by going BPA and a Pass Rusher and they can find it in their own backyard.

3. Chicago Bears
2016 record: 3-13 (.521)
Top needs: DB, OL, TE

Jamal Adams  FS    6-0, 214      LSU

Bears add an enforcer for the back end of their D.
4. Jacksonville Jaguars
2016 record: 3-13 (.527)
Top needs: TE, DT, OL

Leonard Fournette  RB   6-0, 240         LSU

A true feature back with rare power and speed combo to take pressure off QB.

5. Tennessee Titans (from LA Rams)
2016 record: 9-7 (.465)
Top needs: CB, WR, ILB

Marshon Lattimore    CB    6-0, 193    Ohio State

Titans need to add depth to their secondary and add a lock-down one in drafts top Corner

6. New York Jets
2016 record: 5-11 (.518)
Top needs: QB, OLB, CB

Mitchell Trubisky   QB   6-2, 222 North Carolina

Jets have their pick of QB's. They have been rumored to be enamored with Trubisky going back to December reports by Manesh Mehta.

7. Los Angeles Chargers
2016 record: 5-11 (.543)
Top needs: S, WR, DE, OG

Malik Hooker    FS   6-1, 205         Ohio State

Chargers look to replace Eric Weddle with a play-making Safety. Hooker's recent surgeries shouldn't cause him to miss the start of the season or slip out of the top 10.

8. Carolina Panthers
2016 record: 6-10 (.518)
Top needs: OT, DE, RB

Christian McCaffrey RB  5-11, 202         Stanford

McCaffrey would add a new dimension to the Panther offense and take some pressure off Cam.

9. Cincinnati Bengals
2016 record: 6-9-1 (.521)
Top needs: OL, LB, Edge

Jonathan Allen   DE       6-3, 286          Alabama

Bengals would be happy to see one of the Nations best pass rushers slip to them here.

10. Buffalo Bills
2016 record: 7-9 (.482)
Top needs: DB, WR, OT, LB, QB

Jabrill Peppers  SS    5-11, 213         Michigan

Peppers has the versatility McDermott covets. The dynamic S, can slip in the box in Nickle and Dime packages, return kicks and play any spot in the secondary. A trade down would better match value but they would be OK taking him at 10. Wildcard is Watson, but they would be better served waiting on QB. Howard would be another intriguing option.

11. New Orleans Saints
2016 record: 7-9 (.523)
Top needs: DB, LB, WR

Reuben Foster                  LB            6-0, 229         Alabama

If injury and character concerns are answered, Foster may end up the being the best defensive player in this draft. Fills a major need to add an enforcer to the middle of the Saints D.

12. Cleveland Browns
2016 record: 1-15 (.549)
Top needs: QB, Edge, DB

Deshaun Watson                       QB           6-3, 210         Clemson

This would be a dream scenario for Cleveland to sit tight and address QB here at 12. Watson is a proven winner, something Browns desperately need. Accuracy and arm strength issues will need to be managed but you couldn't ask for better intangibles or resume.

13. Arizona Cardinals
2016 record: 7-8-1 (.463)
Top needs: ILB, QB, DB, WR

Mike Williams                WR          6-4, 218          Clemson

Williams can learn from Larry Fitzgerald stepping in immediately for recently released Michael Floyd for a year before stepping in as WR1.

14. Philadelphia Eagles

2016 record: 7-9 (.559)
Top needs: CB, RB, DE, WR

Gareon Conley                 CB           6-0, 195         Ohio State

Conley could fill a big void in Philadelphia and would be a day 1 starter.

15. Indianapolis Colts
2016 record: 8-8 (.492)
Top needs: OL, DL, RB

Derek Barnett                 DE          6-3, 260          Tennessee

Colts anemic pass rush adds an explosive edge rusher.

16. Baltimore Ravens
2016 record: 8-8 (.498)
Top needs: OLB, WR, CB

Haason Reddick
             OLB          6-2, 237         Temple

Ravens find a perfect fit for their D and the heir apparent for Terrell Suggs when he decides to retire.

17. Washington Redskins
2016 record: 8-7-1 (.516)
Top needs: ILB, S, RB, QB, WR

John Ross                        WR         5-11, 188          Washington

Ross would join FA signee Terrelle Pryor to step into the void left by the Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon departures.

18. Tennessee Titans
2016 record: 9-7 (.465)
Top needs: CB, WR, ILB

OJ Howard                        TE           6-6, 250          Alabama

This would be a steal if Howard drops here. He would add a new dynamic to the Titans attack and give Mariota a big target to help him further develop

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2016 record: 9-7 (.492)
Top needs: DL, S, RB

Dalvin Cook                     RB          5-11, 210         Florida State

Bucs go to Florida State well again to find a feature back to pair with Winston.

20. Denver Broncos
2016 record: 9-7 (.549)
Top needs: OT, ILB, DE

Ryan Ramczyk                OT          6-6, 310          Wisconsin

Ramczyk is clear number 1 Tackle in a weak class. Fills a need and good value if he slips here.

21. Detroit Lions
2016 record: 9-7 (.475)
Top needs: Pass rusher, LB, WR

Corey Davis                    WR           6-3, 210          Western Michigan

Lions add a dynamic reciever for Stafford. If Davis can get and stays healthy, he could end up being best WR in this draft. Especially with a QB like Stafford.

22. Miami Dolphins
2016 record: 10-6 (.455)
Top needs: LB, OG, CB

Marlon Humphrey         CB           6-1, 200         Alabama

Dolphins have spent tons in FA so can go BPA which would be Humphrey here.

23. New York Giants
2016 record: 11-5 (.486)
Top needs: LT, MLB, QB

Garrett Bolles                   OT           6-5, 295          Utah

True LT prospect fills Giant need.

24. Oakland Raiders
2016 record: 12-4 (.504)
Top needs: MLB, DT, CB

Jarrad Davis                    LB            6-1, 240         Florida

Mack on the Edge, Davis in the Middle. Look out.

25. Houston Texans
2016 record: 9-7 (.502)
Top needs: QB, OL, LB

Patrick Mahomes                   QB          6-2, 225          Texas Tech

A huge sigh of relief would be heard across Texas if Mahomes makes it to the Texans. The raw gunslinger would find himself on a playoff team where he can be brought along slowly. I see a young Brett Favre on the field for all the good and bad reasons. He'll be fun to watch.

26. Seattle Seahawks
2016 record: 10-5-1 (.441)
Top needs: OT, DT, CB

Cam Robinson                OT           6-6, 322          Alabama

Robinson is probably better suited at RT than LT, but Seahawks could use upgrades on both sides.

27. Kansas City Chiefs
2016 record: 12-4 (.508)
Top needs: ILB, DL, CB

Takkarist McKinley         OLB         6-2, 250          UCLA

Not an immediate need but you can never have enough pass rushers. Ford is in his last year of contract and Hali is 33, so McKinley can be used immediately in rotation and groomed for larger role next season w/ Houston and Hali.

28. Dallas Cowboys
2016 record: 13-3 (.471)
Top needs: DB, DE, TE

Obi Melifonwu                  FS           6-4, 224         UCONN
Long athletic Safety fills major need.

29. Green Bay Packers
2016 record: 10-6 (.508)
Top needs: CB, Edge, RB

Charles Harris                 DE           6-3, 255          Missouri

Packers need to add a pass rusher to their D. Harris is generating some late draft buzz.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers
2016 record: 11-5 (.494)
Top needs: ILB, OLB, WR

David Njoku                    TE           6-4, 245          Miami

Njoku could be a valuable weapon paired with Brown and Bell and would be a good complement to  Jesse James.

31. Atlanta Falcons
2016 record: 11-5 (.480)
Top needs: OG, DE, DT

Dan Feeney                     OG          6-4, 305          Indiana

Falcons would have their pick at IOL.

32. New Orleans Saints
2016 record: 7-9 (.523)
Top needs: DB, LB, WR

Budda Baker                    FS          5-10, 195          Washington

WR is a possibility but Baker is a top 20 draft talent who slips because talent is so elite at S up top.

Lance Zierline's team draft needs used as source.

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