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Final 2017 TE Rankings


1. OJ Howard                       TE           6-6, 250          Alabama

2. David Njoku                    TE           6-4, 245          Miami

3.Evan Engram                     TE          6-3, 234         Mississippi

4.Bucky Hodges                  TE           6-6, 257          Virginia Tech

5.Adam Shaheen                   TE           6-7, 278          Ashland

6.Jake Butt                             TE            6-6, 255          Michigan

7.Gerald Everett                    TE           6-3, 240         South Alabama

TOP 5's December, TE's

Mike Watkins



1.O.Howard, Alabama

2.J.Butt, Michigan

3.E.Engram, Ole Miss

4.B.Hodges, VT

5.J.Leggett, Clemson

Overall: The top 2 have a lot of promise as three down TE’s and then there is a drop off. I would consider it an average class overall. Some top talent and then a steady downward trend

Who I like for The Bills: If J.Butt is there in the third round due to his injury it’s a no brainer and I would even consider him in the second. He’d be ideal compliment and eventual successor to Clay


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