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PFWR Final RB Rankings

  1. Leonard Fournette          RB           6-0, 240         LSU
  2. Christian McCaffrey      RB           5-11, 202         Stanford
  3. Dalvin Cook                     RB          5-11, 210         Florida State
  4. Alvin Kamara                    RB         5-10, 214        Tennessee
  5. Joe Mixon                         RB          6-0, 225          Oklahoma
  6. Marlon Mack                       RB          6-0, 213         South Florida
  7. D’Onta Foreman               RB          6-0, 233         Texas

Top 5's: December, RB's

Mike Watkins



1.C.McCaffrey, Stanford

2.D.Cook, FSU

3.L.Fournette, LSU

4.C.Samuel, Ohio State

5.A.Kamara, Tenn.


Overview: In a word, loaded. How your rank these RB’s is basically going to come down to what you value in a RB. If you like a punishing ground and pound RB Fournette is the guy. If you prefer RB’s who make people miss and are good in all 3 phases then Cook and McCaffrey are your guys. I prefer RB’s in the mold of the latter. To me they are a more valuable component to a team and are harder to unearth than battering rams. They also have a longer shelf life


Who I like for the Bills: I wouldn’t mind if the Bills stayed out of the RB game in 2017 but if they do dabble in it a name that is intriguing to me is J.Conner from Pitt. His style will fit well with what the Bills have and give them the battering Ram to go with the elusive RB’s they have in McCoy and Gillislee


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