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Final 2017 IOL Rankings

Interior Offensive Linemen

1. Dan Feeney                     OG          6-4, 305          Indiana

2. Forrest Lamp                    OG           6-4, 310         Western Kentucky

3. Dion Dawkins                    OG           6-4, 315         Temple

4. Dorian Johnson                OG           6-5, 300         Pittsburgh

5. Nico Siragusa                      OG         6-4, 315           San Diego State

Top 5's December, IOL

Mike Watkins



1.B.Price, Ohio State

2.D.Johnson, Pitt

3.P.Elflein, Ohio State

4.D.Feeney, Indiana

5.Q.Nelson, Notre Dame

Overall: Its an average class overall. There is no one who is going to wow anyone but there will be a decent number of players who are solid starters for a decade

Who I Like for The Bills: I think the Bills are set at OG after years of futility. Nelson from Notre Dame though who make a nice player to groom to eventualltake Incognito spot


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