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Final 2017 DT Rankings

  1.  Jonathan Allen                 DE/DT          6-3, 286          Alabama
  2.  Malik McDowell              DT              6-5, 285            Michigan State
  3.  Carlos Watkins                   DT          6-2, 300         Clemson
  4.  Caleb Brantley                  DT          6-3, 307         Florida
  5.  Chris Wormley                   DT         6-3, 305          Michigan
  6.  Nazair Jones                      DT            6-5, 305         North Carolina
  7. Montravius Adams            DT          6-4, 305          Auburn
  8. Jaleel Johnson         DT          6-2, 316           Iowa
  9. Dalvin Tomlinson             DT            6-3, 310         Alabama

Top 5's December, DT

Mike Watkins



1.J.Allen, Alabama

2.C.Brantley, Florida

3.V.Vea, Washington

4.C.Watkins, Clemson

5.M.Adams, Auburn

Overall: J.Allen is a top 5 talent that can fit any scheme. Brantley is really good when he wants to be, he doesn’t always want to be however. It’s a good class with top end talent and depth down through for any type of defense

Who I like for the Bills: I like Watkins for the Bills and not just because of the last name. I think he is a bit of a Kyle Williams clone and would make a great understudy to him


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