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1.) Courtney Upshaw - OLB - Alabama 6'2 265

For Buffalo this has to be the obvious choice. they have a serious serious lack of a pass rush and Upshaw is the best 3-4 OLB in the draft and comes ready to play strait out of Nick Saban's great pro style 3-4 defense at Alabama. this would go a long way to helping the Bills get much needed pressure on the QB.

2.) Dwight Jones - WR - UNC 6'4 225

The Bills have been riddled by injuries at the reciever position all season. and on top of it they could use another big reciever like Jones to get down field and give Fitzpatrick another WR with a big catch radious to go along with David Nelson and Stevie Johnson. this would give them a potentialy potent top 3 WR's with Brad Smith rounding out there often used 4 WR formations

3.) Josh Chapman - NT - Alabama 6'1 315

With it looking like Torrell Troup doesnt have what it takes to man the NT position and the fact Kyle Williams would be a better fit rushing the passer from the opposite DE from Marcell Dareus, the Bills Go back to the rich pedagree of Alabama by drafting probably the best and most ready to step in from day 1 NT in the draft. Chapman may only be 6'1 315 but he is fantastic at getting leverage and clogging up running lanes, witch is also a big area of concern still for the near bottom ranked rush defense in the league.

4.) Mitchell Schwartz - OT - Cal 6'5 318  

Another postion in need of a serious depth upgrade and been injury plagued position.

4.) Jake Bequette - OLB - Arkansas 6'5 271

Another solid piece to the puzzle for the Bills needy pass rush defense. Bequette is big and freakishly athletic running a 4.6 40 yard dash at the size of 6'5 271. and has proven he can get to the QB and get sacks.

5.) Tank Carder - ILB - TCU 6'2 237

Carder was used out of position this year for TCU he is much more affective as a 3-4 ILB rather then a OLB. he was much more of an impact as a ILB in the 2010 season especially in TCU's bowl game where he was all over the field making big plays all game. this is a solid pick up for Buffalo it adds depth and gives them a hier aparant to Barnett whenever that time comes.

5.) Philip Blake - C - Baylor 6'2 320

With 2 season ending knee injuries in 3 years for Wood you never know if he will be able to come back to his pro bowl caliber performance of this year or if he will be able to last a full season so they need a viable backup, and Blake gives them 1. Blake is a compact powerfull Center who is a force in the run game.

6.) Antoine McClain - OG - Clemson 6'5 335

McClain adds more quality depth for an often injury plagued OL

7.) Derek Moye - WR - Penn St. 6'4 210

A potential steal in the 7th round. Moye is another big target with a wide wingspan and catch radious. Moye also plays much faster then his size and 40 time will probably be





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and for those wondering about the extra 5th round pick, we have a conditional 5th round pick from the Marshawn Lynch trade



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Anthony D. Macari
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Nice job. I loike the idea of adding more pieces of 'Bama's front 7 but not so sure about moving Kyle to DE in a 34. Upshaw can slide down to put his hand in the ground when the go 43, with KW and Dareus inside. Carrington would work on the other side.

I really like Bequette. Carder may not offer much besides special teams. Nice college player but limited.

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Thanks, i think KW would be the perfect fit on the right DE rushing the passer. from the end spot he will be able to have more freedom rushing since he wont be at NT having to worry about just plugging the middle. and ive wanted Upshaw for a long time, he is a carbon copy of LaMar Woodley, only we wont have to wait for him to learn the 3-4 like Woodley did thus why he had a slow start to his career. and i think the pairing of Bequette and Moats on the other side would be nice. Carder isnt the most athletic but he has a non stop motor and is a good fit and will make quality depth on the inside at the very least



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